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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeling bad

I felt bad … coz my little Princess had some rashes from don’t know where and she didn’t get a chance to rest at home, but instead running around with mummy the whole day…

I felt bad … since my little princess suffer under the sun most of the time and the sweat causes her uncomfortable conditions…

I felt bad ... as I don’t know what cause princess the rashes.. doctor says it could be food, mummy suspected the tissues, grandma says maybe due to the bed sheets…

I felt bad … as I didn’t gave Princess any solid today and on milk all the time, since we didn’t stay home…

Princess and me today left the house at 7.30am, arrived at USJ at 8.20am, got to Serdang at 9.00am, and by the time got home was 9.30am…

Princess had her short nap, and we head to Dr Koe at 11.40am. Waited at Dr Koe till 12.40pm before we got a chance to see her..consultation took about 10 minutes, and we left the clinic around 1.30pm. 

I went to Sri Sentosa to deliver the mooncake, then later back home at 2pm.  Pack up for another delivery, and out the house at 2.10pm.  Then, head to the bank for some KWSP payment and other bank transactions..

Head down to Sunway at 3pm to collect cheque, and then to back home to change for Princess.  At 4.15pm, we head to Serdang to pick the twins and then by the time we got to USJ, it’s already 5pm!  and stuck in front of Summit USJ for at least 45 minutes.. I got home at 6.15pm!!

My poor princess got all her nap in the car.. sleep and wake up.. sleep and wake up.. make little fuss due to the weather, uncomfortable seating, cramp in the car seat, and etc…

I felt bad … that my poor princess only manage to get her proper nap at 6.30pm…

why do my lil princess has to suffer like this with me?  I felt real bad!! 


  1. Hope princess will get well soon.Rashes,pls stay away!!

  2. Is she overheated in the car ? What about the back ? What did the doctor say ?
    I understand yr situation but no choice, Mama got to work, as long as Princess is happy sleeping in the car.. it's ok.
    I used to bring my daughter out for appts when she was a baby all the time. Sometimes clients feel sorry for us and volunteer to babysit her.. :) Now, she's a social bird coz she's exposed to so many friends and clients since baby.. :)

  3. Dont feel bad Cynthia, i guess it has got to be due to heat lah,,, let us take a lot of fluid, fruit juices will be nice.... loose dressing will be nice too, and enough of rest,,,hahaah sound like a doctor myself, dont i?

    anyway, my sons got that too,so i learnt along the way,really nothing too serious to get alarmed by,ya?

    take care you too ? strong mommy is needed to care for the young

  4. Cynthia, don't worry too much... Part of growing up... 'no fall, no grow ma' And Princess understands Mummy's condition by sleeping when Mummy is busy... If terbalik it's m Maine, sure mati 10000 times jor!! haha... so good girl... hope the rashes will chao chao soon... take care!

  5. Hi, you travel to USJ so often. I am staying there too.

  6. dont feel guilty la...cos if want to grumble...i will be more guilty!!!

  7. U r actually doing great by bringing her along. At least she is by your side all day long. Dun worry...princess will recover soon. Cheers !

  8. oh dont feel bad..it's just alright..although i'm a mom to really und your feeling.. =)

  9. Dear Cynthia, so sorry to hear about your princess. it takes a awhile to go off. With the doctor medication,
    princess should be fine...

    Your daily routine is so hecticlah, if me...pengsan! I read another post, Internaional School so ma-fan...what for pay so much and having the hassle???

    Take Care and all the best..

  10. r u still breastfeeding Breanna?

    Nowadays the weather is rather hot..
    Heat rash is inevitable ..even adults get them, too. Dnt wrry..use prickly heat talcum or better still use Bedak sejuk on her.

  11. Cyn, not to over worried coz Sasha has this problem over her body and legs last few days too. I brought her see paede on tues and he said maybe is allergic. I thought maybe is bedsheets or her clothes and I changed everything.

    Sasha's was scratching all over and paede gave me medication for itchness and I apply calamine and she is ok now.

    You also can try to apply calamine beside the cream that Dr. Koe gave you coz calamine is cooling and it will make Breanna feel comfortable.

    Hope she get well soon..:)

  12. Hi Mommy Cyn,
    I hope your little princess get well soon. If her rash does not come with high fever, you can be comforted that its not something serious (like menigitis, rubella, etc). My son had a period of rash every year. In summer he was sweating a lot hence heat rash makes him feel itchy. In winter dry weather causing clogs of dry skin on his pores, hence another type of rash.
    But yes, this is just part of growing up, they'll outgrow this rash period one day :-) So don't feel too guilty about it.

  13. Hi everyone.. thanks for the concern and notes of encouragement.. you all ROCKS!

    my lil Princess got better.. and me too!..

  14. Dont worry too much..it's not your fault! hope your little one will get well soon..

  15. I felt bad too! As my little boy also has the rashes these days! At first, i thought it wa because of the food, but then seems not. Then might be bedsheet. I'm not sure whether he has the sensitive skin. Everyday, i will find out new red dots appear, but the others disappear :-( The doctor said might be the bed sheet or ants bite. There is still a unsure answer. Well..these days, he sweats easily...and now he has the heat rash....55555.....

    i just hope all the rashes will stay away from him. And of course from your little princess too. No mommy wants to see these from their babies.

  16. poor princess...
    Don be sad Cynthia, I m sure princess enjoy every seconds with u...


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