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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Getaway… Continue for Day 2

Day 2… We woke up as early as 8am to start preparing… and by 9am, we were all ready to go for food feast again…

For Breakfast, dim sum in one of the restaurant.. we had about 20 plates of dim sum, 1 char siew pao, 1 lo mai kai & 2 dried noodles kosong, with a pot of hot tea.. cost RM44.00 for 5 adults and 1 child… very nice and cheap dim sum here we get.. yum yum..

Then we headed to another newly opened shopping place, as my aunt would like to look see look see.. we reached there was even before 10am, and waited for the gate to open.. I managed to grab the last bottle of Pureen HAD washing liquid which was selling at a lower price compare to KL.. and my mum been complaining about Princess pacifier, and wanted me to get a holder for it.. so, grab the Pureen pacifier holder too…

After the shopping.. we went around town again to buy heong peang and chee cheong fun to be packed home.. and guess what, all these outlets are full of customers (some visiting, some came for wedding dinner and so forth).. When we are at the heong peang shop, just lucky that it is one of our cousin’s shop, and we just pre-order and told him we coming back again and not to squeeze with people around..

Then we headed to the ccf stall and yet, we already seen a few KL guys queuing for it.. when my aunt ask me if there is still any for order, the lady says no more.. I quickly go to the shop where I ate my ccf the day before, and I manage to pack 30 pieces of it.. *I got a friend who ordered 20 pieces*

and while waiitng for the aunty to pack my ccf, I had a bowl of longan drink with white fungus.. and it’s only RM2!!  Then my mum went to the next shop buying banana (no joke, the banana here is cheap and sweet).. and when they came back to the shop where I was, they bought the pao.. each pao costing only RM0.80 each other than the cha siew pao which is RM1.00

after that, we all head home for a rest.. and I woke up for another round of ccf.. muahaha.. before we head home, we went to take the heong peang, and left Teluk Intan via Bidor, Sungkai way instead of Sabak Bernam at about 4.00pm

When I reached Bidor, we stop at Pun Chun for Kai Chai Peang but not for others coz it’s also very pack there in Bidor.. we took the trunk road, and bypass all the toll and all the way was really smooth.

We had a break in Tanjung Malim, another place with cheap and nice food.. laksa with only RM3.50 and served with big big piece of curry chicken, and a pot of claypot chicken rice for 2 is only RM5.50..

and our final stop for food is at Tajung Malim Yik Mun which sells halal pao (but since we have already many pao, we decided to go for the Hailam Mee instead)…

By the time I arrived home, it is already 8pm!

It’s a very foodie trip, and of course, with Princess behaving so well, I don’t mind to do more of these trips…


  1. ya..tg malim..i was studying there few years ago..

  2. long time never go teluk intan.. been there once only... the food u mentioned in the previous post.. very cheap la.. one day will go again to look see... there is a branch in ipoh selling teluk intan hiong peang..the other night, i bought some stuff from there..

  3. The photos taken one?... My father's side kampung is at Tg Malim, a small lovely town but I didn't go there for ages!


  4. Hey...catching up on my blogging....

    Good trip you had! First with baby as well yeah? More memories to create and cherish!

  5. all the makan makan made me hungry liaoooooo..

  6. Are you from teluk Intan? Teluk Intan is My hometown , i just came back from there :-)

  7. Ohh..nice foods again!! And u eat a lot of ccf !!! hahaha....

  8. i love the food there!

    From me to you, suejean =)


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