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Monday, September 21, 2009

A good getaway

Hi everyone.. anyone miss me??  *thick skin to ask*

I left for Teluk Intan for a good weekend.. and the following was the itinerary… and you know what.. of all the things, I forgot about the camera!! So, sorry ah, use your imagination for those food that I am going to mention below…

I took my little Princess and my mum together in the car, putting Princess in the car seat and my mum at the back with her.. We started off from KL at 8.45am on Sunday (20 Sept) and arrived in Teluk Intan about 11.30am.

Princess was sleeping with my mum, while I had a nice drive cruise taking the coastal road after cutting out from Sg. Buloh.  My little Princess woke up half way through, and was laughing an playing with my mum and she sleeps again after that.. I was really glad that she did not make any fuss to ask for her milk when she got up.

We went straight to my aunt house, unfortunately she was not around (I don’t think she is expecting us to be so early.. since this is my ‘virgin’ trip, driving with Princess in the car) muahaha..

So, mum say, let go find some food first la.. first stop, of course the Kopi shop which serve very good local kopi.. then, head to the famous chee cheong fun (the ccf in Teluk Intan is different from the one we had in KL, there is not ‘liew’ and those black sauce.  The ccf here served with those green chilli, and it’s with turnip, shallots and dried prawn)

Me and my mum ordered 1 bowl of bo bo cha cha, 1 piece of yam cake, 1 piece of pumpkin cake and 1 plate of the ccf, and the bill is only RM4.50!!  and we ta pao 1 char siew pao and 1 red bean pao (RM1.80).. and mind you, the pao here is as big as our usual “tai pao’ that we get in KL!!

Teluk Intan is a very small town, therefore, for you to just bump into someone is very easy.. When we are about to turn out and look for the ‘yao char kuai’, I saw my aunt standing by the street waiting for a car to pick her up.. I told my mum to shout for her but my mum didn’t manage to get to her across the street..So, I tailed the car that pick up my aunt, and all the way (I think I did gave a scared to the driver, coz after he knows who tailed him, he gave us such a relief face) muahaha…


We picked up my aunt from the place, and head to another aunt’s house to inform her that we will be putting a night there.. and later left to send my aunt back.. Princess had her nap, and the milk of course (it’s almost 1.30pm when she drink her milk).  I tried letting her latch on earlier after the first stop of food, but if she is not hungry, and she will not want it.. and if she wants it, she wants it immediately!!

After everyone had their nap, and refresh.. we went to our 2nd stop of food search.. this time round at the newly furbish 52 stalls.  and we had, Rojak (RM2.50), Char Keow Teow (RM2.50), Wanton Mee Soup (RM2.60), ABC (RM1.80).. and these are not small portion or those no liew type.. The sellers are all very generous with the ‘liew’ and servings..

and we got our next local kopi again with yao char keow (RM0.60 per piece).. kopi is only RM1.10 per cup.. These stalls are only open after 3 to 4pm, and they worked till the night about 11 or 12am (in Teluk Intan, after 11pm, consider very late already.. but since it’s a holiday, you see more ppl around and it’s some good business time).

After all the kopi-ing and ta-pao-ing.. we head to my 5th aunt house for another rest and of course, princess need her bath and nap.. and milk… she really had a good time following mummy running around the whole Teluk Intan.

When we all refresh again, we went to Giant (a newly opened Giant store in Teluk Intan where they had McD, Old Town Kopitiam, Sushi King and so forth).. I feel bit different shopping in the Giant, but since my 5th aunt who don’t own a car seldom go out, and my beloved nephew also excited seeing my car, we took them there for a walk..

and after that, we head to food again.. Fried Hokkien Mee (order for 1 person portion and it served 3 people.. price:  RM6.00).. then to the ccf which only sells at night.. we ta pao 2 packs and wanted to had it for supper (but these ccf turn to be my lunch the next day coz we are so full with food)…

we head home.. and had my princess wiped, freshen up, and of course for her sleep…

To be continue…

Since I just arrived.. and need to catch some beauty sleep… I shall blog on the 2nd day with lots more of food… Stay tune..


  1. welcome home cynthia.. u fail lah as a blogger, forget to bring camera! lol!

  2. homecoming is alwiz nice! =)

  3. Aiya...I was hoping to see the famous Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun! Anyway, good to know that you have a good break. That is important! God bless and take care.

  4. shiaks...no camera...
    glad that u had a good trip

  5. Can follow you along or not in your next trip? Haha the food you mentioned attracted me to request tak malu malu..

  6. Ohh...lots of food!!! How can u forget about the camera??? :(
    Anyway...a nice trip with your princess so cooperative. I've tried the ccf but don't really like it.


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