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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Picking up Twins at their International School

Recently my mum started of a part time work, and I was asked to send and pick my twins cousin again.. So, I spend more time on the road nowadays..

On top of that, frankly speaking, I don’t know how my mum tolerate the journey, through and flow every weekday under the super hot sun, with also the very superb ‘ma fan’ procedures!

I myself had already 2 very unpleasant incidents picking them up, and I don’t know how long more I can stand this kind of ‘ma fan-ness’

Incident No 1

I was parking under the shades waiting for my brother to go all the way inside the school to pick the twins up.  Well, I agree they have very stringent security in order to ensure the kids does not get out of the school without the parents / guardian.

So, while I stop my car there, waiting and waiting… one ‘guai po’ teacher came knocking at my glass, telling me that I can’t park and wait there, and need to be at the parking lot!  Then I try to explain to her that it’s very hot, and I am just there to wait for the children.  AND I AM IN THE CAR!

She insisted that I can’t park there, coz buses will be in and out of the school.. my goodness, when I was there picking up the kids, the school is already over, and all the buses have left!! She ask me to go under the sun no matter what!! 

I think if I see a police and explain to him the condition, I will be allowed for that mere 5 minutes stop!

The very inflexible teacher.. can teach flexible student or not?

Incident No 2

We need to queue if we want to pick the kids up right at the school door steps.  Each car will be given a pickup card, and while you queue, the security guard will come collect those cards and go look for the child.

Sometimes, we need to queue up to half an hour under hot sun in order to get our turn to be in front of the school. 

This day, the guard has collected those cards for the car in front of mine, and I just got to wait for another round of collection again.  So, after those in front of mine drove away picking up their kids, the guard collected mine, and I just move right in front of the line waiting for the kids to be release.

Out of a sudden, I was asked to go another round as for ‘safety’ reason that the cars queuing are cutting out in the centre!  and till now, I don’t see what kind of danger it cause for cutting out from the centre.. (Malaysian drivers are not that bad la, plus the school is not in the city centre)!

I refuse to move, coz I had never had this kind of request before.. further more, by moving to the end of the line, I got to wait for another at least 15 minutes under the SUN!  No way I am going to do that with my Princess in the car with me!

I told the teacher that I am not going to do that, but she damn insist me to go for another round!!  and she can tell me, ‘oh, I understand you got a baby in the car, but still, you are required to go another round!’.. but I am not blocking any traffic!!!

After a while that she kept tapping on my windows, I drove and about to make a turn, I saw my twins cousin coming out from the gate.  I quickly horn them to cross over, so I don’t have to wait any longer.  Then, this ‘teacher’ dash across, stopping the kids in the middle of the road and start to argue that by the kids crossing the road, it’s DANGEROUS! and by her stopping the kids middle of the road call SAFETY?

If she is a smart one, she should just guide the kids hop on to the car fast, and get over with this.. senang for me, senang for her too!!

But NO, she want me to go in front of the school gate and I can’t cut the queue!! Frankly, I just couldn’t be bothered with her, and I just scream at the dunggus twins and get them to get up to the car!!  and I just sped off!

Such a person without common sense, can teach the kids to use survival skill ah?  No wonder the twins up to now, at the age of 13 years old, don’t know how to cross the damn road!!!!!! and these are the people sometimes causes accidents coz of their ‘kia si’ attitude that can’t make up their mind to cross or not to cross!

Sometimes, I come to think about it.. while we study in those National School, we are being relax and not overly protected, and we become a better person in real life.. we at least given a chance to hit the wall and feel the pain!

And I am a strong believer that no matter how careful you can be, accidents will happen if you are fated to meet one! or else, why do we call it accidents right? like the old Chinese say… king of hell want you to die at 3am, you won’t lived till 5am la (闫王要你三更死,不准留人到五更)


  1. oh gosh..i tot the twins are in their 3s or 4 yrs old .. or kindy.. they r 13? and still need to wait in front of the gate? my goodness... my girl is 15 and she has to cross the road whenever i pick her cos of the road structure.. they dont even have a guard in the morning session cos the school believes that they r big enough to cross the road..
    yeah, one thing the school u mentioned, they want to prevent any misfortune or unfortunate accident la..
    well cynthia, dont get stressed up.. .. happy driving to u...

  2. ya, accidents occur anywhere anytime..

  3. make a deal with the twins.... u got 20-30 mins later after school finish. ask them to wait some where for u... then no more jam lor.

  4. Farny lar u Cynthia! I was laughing non-stop reading this post... Better get some sunscreen for both Breanna and yourself... must maintain leng leng ma...

  5. oh my...really mah fan. can't the kids take the school bus or something? why do you have to go pick them up?

  6. gosh...that surely will send me to fire too, very inflexible... matsalleh is like that wan :(
    i also wonder how long u can stand, haha..but as long as everyone's safe..it's ok la


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