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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A quick updates

Back from the Teluk Intan Trip, I was again busy with all the mooncakes orders.. I got my aunt here to help me out..

Another a week more, it’s the Mid Autum festival.. and I have to get all my orders out.. I got plans to visit Barb, Merryn, Joanne and Rachel to deliver the mooncakes to them too!

This weekend will be on mooncakes again for sure.. and I have been doing in larger quantities now compare to earlier..

Today, I was out with friends for a gathering (and also to deliver their mooncake orders) and I am really glad that Princess behave very well during the gathering! 

Then after these mooncakes orders, I got to have another cake to be bake for a friend’s birthday.. and another one for wedding.. wah wah..

With the current situation that I need to chauffeur the twins to school, it take up some of my time too.. in order for me to make sure I meet those blogger mummies with quality time, I don’t wish to just say hi and bye.. I wish I could spend some yanking time with them too.. but anyway, I am sure next week, all will be in their sequence.

I have not got time to finalise the accounts for this month, and also for MyLot… It’s now 3.36am, and I am still awake blog walking, hopping and etc.. I came by your blogs, but maybe in a silent way with no ‘foodsteps’ left behind…

I also uploaded and schedule some posts in Princess blog, and will that keep it up todate on it’s own for a while…

OK.. time to sleep.. while I finished uploading the photos into my Facebook!



Side note…

those who thinks a WAHM is a luxury, think twice!  I think beside I am partying, I don’t have to stay awake at 3.39am just to earn a living while I am working in the corporate world..


  1. hapy homecoming! happy baking mooncakes too.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. 哗!忙到。。记得多点休息啊!很久没跟你聊天咯。

  3. Take good care of yourself. WFHM are anything but luxurious!!! It's more tiring than a construction worker to me. But still, the best for our darlings so, it's really worth the time and effort! I hope to become like you too... earn money and able to take care of Maine at the same time...

  4. macam ni lah cynthia. i dun wanna make u run around town like crazy. i dun mind my pin pei arriving AFTER the mooncake festival, provided u still rajin to do some for me then lah.. i've checked with my ever so loyal 'driver' and he said he'll send me to meet u up whereever convenient to u. no good make u run around like crazy.. nanti pengsan pulaks! u have my number, just tell me when it's convenient for YOU! :) take care.. hugs n kisses for princess..


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