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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Salesman Nowadays

I have earlier blog to say that I have got an oven from this Company, Ferraz Sdn Bhd.  This is such a disappointing Company selling something that is not that cheap! and it’s not a recommended place to get an oven if you are thinking so.

Reason being:-

1)  They assume that all their customers are smart A$$ that they can just ignore all requirement that the oven require.

2)  They won’t explain to you what is the actual need to the oven provided you ask

3)  They assume you will ask, therefore they don’t need to tell.. and best, when come to any problem, they say coz you never ask!

4)  When you have concerns and are getting more and more (kiasu coz you don’t ask, they don’t provide), they will say you are overly concern!  DAMN!

5)  Their salesman will harsh you out from the showroom, if you have ask too many difficult question that they could not answer.

6)  Everything extra they charged you (even for the socket)

7)  When you ask for email on the specific measurement, they email you the specification instead

8)  When you go to the showroom to ask for the measurement, they provide you the catalogue model that not for you, and telling you that the catalogue for your ‘model’ is not available

9)  And when you insist to have a manual measurement from one of their display oven, they will tell you that they won’t be responsible on the mis-measurement

10)  The oven will be deliver to you without any installation, and no socket!! You got to fix that on your own..

The only thing I can say that they are at least to say a work of praise, is their sales manager is efficient enough to attend to my after sales service complain..

and the reason being for the complain is:-


The wire that was come with the oven is so short that it can’t reach my main power, and I used an extension cord in order to plug in the oven.. just too bad, the power required by the oven is too much, and now the socket of my oven, is ‘stick’ to my extension cord and can’t be remove no matter what…

No choice, just have to wait for the technician to come and get it fix!  Damn sianz when you have this kind of issues come buying a new appliances! and my mooncake are all waiting to be ready and deliver… sigh sigh…


  1. be patient lah, what to do.. next time must buy from reputable company,, save a lot of trouble...

    By the way, may i know what are you doing for makaning (living) sounds very interesting to,,,

    you know i always wish that i could really do something homebased and i can have time from my children, sending them, picking them, lunch with them.. got any kan tau for me to achieve my goal or not,,,?

    take care now

  2. let's see what the sales manager can do for u lo..at least he is efficient enough to reply u right...

    btw, i believe u decided to bake mooncake before the purchase of this oven wor..so initially u plan to use who's oven? if u need to use mine, come on over to my house.

  3. Eugene.. yup, actually it's nice to stay home and care for the children.. even I have to live with minimal income..

    Rachel... no la, I got another smaller oven.. and thought of having this, I can save more time and $$ ma.. sigh sigh..

  4. ya, sometimes it's a bit frustrating when things don't turn up right..

  5. Okie dokie..will blacklist this company

  6. i dont buy from direct salesman.. buy from the company's outlet better =)


  7. Hi Cynthia, you should have walked away....
    There are other stores that would love your business.
    Regret your mooncakes not ready yet....love those with nuts in them.
    You stay easy and have a nice day, Lee.

  8. Oh...hope you get your oven issue resolved and get along with your mooncakes!!

  9. i think it's normal in todays society, just be patient

  10. wah..they just presumed that u know everything..not professional at all. Next time better watch out and check out the reputation before u buy. a lesson learn for u,too bad, the lesson fee is too high :-(

  11. Wenn.. yup.. really disappointing..

    MeRy.. trying..

    smallkuching.. yes please..

    kenwooi... it's not direct salesman, they even have showroom!!

    Uncle Lee.. no choice, my mum already paid for that!! and no matter what, the mooncake has to be ready!

    Ann.. praying praying..

    Hazel.. haiz.. why ah?

    恩轩至佳_密池.. ya lor, damn sianz..

  12. Oh oh..I did the same mistake before. I wanted to use the oven but it was just too short. And being a clever me, I just used the normal extention cable. OMG, how the socket melted! Not only oven requires special extention cable tau, the iron pun macam tu jugak! Just be careful. Aiyoo bikin darah mendidih only reading your post about the company... macam mana nak berniaga macam ni?

  13. err,, you really need to change the wiring and socket, esp if your oven is tabletop and not built it. it'll melt or burn the cocket if you don't. The sales person is lousy. I suggest you get an electrician to do it.


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