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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Super Busy

The post title tells it all!!

Nowadays, I am super busy.. I didn’t on my MSN, I visit blogs but did not leave comments (not all) and of course, I have to even go less on MyLot (hopefully my referral give me some $$, and I can hit my this month payout)..

Why so busy?  Main thing is my mooncake order is all coming in.. and the Autumn festival is around the corner at 3 October 2009.. My plan is to have all orders complete by 15 September 2009, and if my customers are enjoying it, at least I can still do another round for them.. all else, I can sau kong after this batch of order.

Since all raw material are done by hand, from peeling the lotus seed to cooking, it took quite a lot of time to prepare the filing.. In addition, Princess also getting more and more attention needed, with her teething and also wanting to move around the house.

So, let me finish this batch of orders and I am going to be in your blogs and comments again… I hope I can give real fresh ingredient to all those who order and able to get the best of it.

Those who are keen to order, can still do so.. Initially I wanted to take orders from outside KL and PJ, however now I can’t coz I cannot get a good courier service to deliver the mooncake!  sigh.. maybe next year… :D


  1. Happy Cooking & Baking! Yes, maybe next year get a good courier service, i m sure we outstation ones would love to try too..

  2. what u r baking again ar????
    can give me the list n pricing?

  3. Orders flow in means $$$$$ comes in so u better concentrate on ur biz first!

    Drop-by here & find u have an interesting blog. Cheers...


  4. Hi Cynthia, I love those with nuts in them, but will take a pass on those with eggs.
    Glad to know you busy with your orders.
    Wayyyyy to go, Cynthia. Make cakes while the sun shines...
    Have fun, Lee.

  5. my MIL used to baked jelly mooncake for sales too...but after her grandchildren arrival, she stopped. Too busy....You are so capable...able to do so many things at once with a little baby at home. Keep up your good work!

  6. I really tabik you. Can blog, make moon cake and take care of bb. Multi-tasking. Terror!

  7. Glad to read that your mooncake business is good! After mooncake festival, you can bake cookies and cakes too!

  8. Cynthia,

    You will be delivering my mooncakes by next week? Great!

    So you will come ya?
    Remember to let me know before you come coz I am afraid I am not at home.

    Ok, see you!


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