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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surprise.. and I won!

Merryn had a contest recently for her craft blog.. and I wrote a post on it HERE.

I received these in my post box yesterday.. and when I read the back of the envelope, I know that Merryn has send me the prize.. and here it goes..

giftI also won the 2 movie tickets. and it’s very kind of her to tell the sponsor to hold on to the tickets till end of this year.. since I can’t be going to movie now..

hopefully by year end, I can have some time, and visit the cinema once again..

Thanks Merryn for organising this contest..  and of course again.. for the gift!


  1. wow. you won 2 passes to movie! i've never got so lucky b4. haha

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

  2. congrats cynthia!! Nice gifts!!

  3. It sure feels good when u win something. Congrats !!

  4. We sure have good friend over the cyberspace... take now,what's up this long weekend?

  5. cynthia, I hope by year end, there'll be plentiful of nice movies to catch! I havent been to the cinema in a very long time..

  6. congratulation..u deserve it..

  7. i also wan... and i got... thanks to merryn.. :)

  8. Good that you won something for yourself!

  9. Congratulations to you Cynthia. The gift is so nice and cute.

    Woww...movie ticket..share with me lah, such a long time I did not watch movie already. hehe.

  10. Oh ya, I have sent you a mail to your gmail. Please check ya.


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