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Saturday, September 5, 2009

When the oven is back at life

This is a pre-schedule post.. :D

I blog about how my oven being sold to me by those sales man and today (3 September 2009) the service technician is here to change the wire and give life again to my oven..

and the world is so small.. the person who revive my washing machine earlier, is now the same person that come reviving my oven too!  So, this company do all the servicing for all the brands that don’t have service centre in Malaysia la.. :D

But I am glad that this technician came, since he is someone honest and won’t simply charge me for him coming to my house.. and FYI, this service technician has nothing to do with the company that sell me the oven!!!

So, I tested the oven when I got back from work today.. and since I have some extra skin of the mooncake left, I bake those using the mickey, minnie and piggy mould without the filing, and the result..

mooncakeI am HAPPY liao.. kan senang to make me happy, just don’t give me trouble can liao.. muahaha.. :D


  1. Good to hear this :D Can't wait to get my mooncakes :D

  2. the biscuits looks so yummy. You should open a bakery :). Sure laku

  3. Finally :-) glad to hear this and look forward for more foods from you:-)

  4. all is well now..happy baking..


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