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Thursday, October 22, 2009

All the way from Ipoh

Ipoh mali, Ipoh Mali…

I got someone deliver some ‘good’ stuff all the way from Ipoh to me.. all thanks to this Hot Mama…It all come in this bag..


She bake this… and gave 2 slices for me… and it was gulp down while I am driving home…

DSC00704DSC00705I tell you la.. so moist and nice lor… and just nice to line my hungry tummy.

Then hoh, I got a dress (no photo coz when I remembered it, already in the washing machine).. but I tell you la, damn nice and sexy lor the dress…

Wait wait.. got some more de…


Don’t get it wrong.. she didn’t send me the chocolate chips, she actually nice to give me some oat milk to sample.. and today, I had a first try on it.. can la.. coz I am not a oat person.. muahaha… DSC00726Oat Bran.. even I am not a oat person, and she is so nice to give me this.. I tell you, I will surely makan this de lor… :D

Lastly,  she also got some thing for Princess

DSC00717 DSC00720 DSC00719 DSC00718A Disney shade.. don’t play play ah.. it’s UV Protected de!!


And not forgetting to mention, my little Princess Breanna, and her Princess Chermaine is only 6 days apart.. Breanna is older… :D

and I want to do another round to Ipoh again to visit them… let’s see when can I do that!

Not forgetting to also thank the ‘delivery girl’ whom I didn’t get to ask for her name.. Agnes, please say thank you for me ah.. I only manage to drive to Pavilion and just pick up the stuff by the road side… so pai seh to make her walk to the fountain…


  1. wah...this Agnes so nice to u geh....so many things. wear ur sexy dress n post up ya....

  2. i also want to "wah"... this agnes is nicer to u geh... hahhaa... both hot mama-s click alike.. agnes is indeed a very nice hot mama... (must polish agnes first) hahaha...

  3. claire, u ingat u polish agnes, u r next in line to receive a sexy dress eh? hahahahha.. having said that, i wanna 'polish' agnes too..
    cynthia, or rather agnes, i can do with a sexy black number too! hahahahhaa.. :P

    i like the shades for breanna..

  4. why all nice mommies stay in ipoh one. i wanna move to ipoh lar. :P

  5. Oh... the cake pictures are blur. I think you must be too excited. Whatever, they look good. You are a lucky girl ler!

  6. Aiyoh, what is in the picture? So blur. I thought I am a lousy photographer, you are worst Hahahahaha

  7. wah so nice gift all the way from Ipoh

  8. Agnes is such a nice girl, sending gifts and baking cakes for friends. So very thoughtful of her.
    Your banana cake looks really good too!


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