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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baking Mode

I am back to my baking mode.. and found a pack of nearly expiry muffin mix in the cabinet.  And therefore, the mode sips in…

The muffin mix was for the plain flavour, however I know if I really bake it the plain ones, it will not be as good selling as the chocolates ones.. So, I add in a table spoon of cocoa powder and also some chocolates balls.

and the outcome..

muffin I started this, and since using those ready mix, I have not got the hang of baking enough..


Here Comes my usual “la sao hou peng'” the best ever bake I do…

DSC00686DSC00687I packed those cookies in my mooncake bag, and gave it to my aunt, and my Princess god father. 

So, anyone want to be my neighbour? :D



P/S:  This baking mode was happen on Saturday 10 October 2009…


  1. Luckily you noticed that the mix is almost expired, or else you wouldnt be baking muffins this week

  2. haha, those your neighbor will be so blessed with your baking...if next time have extra, give us a call...hehe..

  3. i want but i dun wanna bcome fat. :P

  4. I don't want to become your neighbour... I want to live in your house so that I can finish them before you give them away :D

  5. Me too! But don't know whether you want or not! I eat a lot and don't get fat!
    But then, when my daughters are back, you can have their cooking or baking!

  6. Both cookies and muffins looks yummy.

  7. must try yr lah sao cookies one day...hehe
    me so long didn't bake edi :(


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