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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I bake and bake.. I cook and cook

I just don’t know why, I suddenly went into those baking and cooking mode.. I mean I do cook for lunch and dinner, but I have the mode to do more complicated stuff.. What I did?


Mee hoon soup…  DSC00747 Kon Lou Handmade Mee from Penang (mee suah)


Minces pork with mushroom for the Kon Lou Mee

DSC00745Sambal Belacan.. Buy de.. :p 


Banana Cake.. for the recipe, keep look out for my coming post


Icing a banana cake with chocolate ganche for one of my friend’s birthday.. but coz overly kan cheong, the wordings go wrong.. :p

and while I am doing this post, I have a pot of ‘zhuk jei lo hon guo’ in the charcoal stove (YES, I am using charcoal still) and bitter gout with chicken bones in the pressure cooker!!

and my next project… A WEDDING CAKE FOR MY BEST BUDDY!  Wish me luck, first time doing this.. I have got the heart shape chocolate ready…


  1. Wah...your noodle got so much liu!

  2. wow...your house must be filled with so much of aromas....

  3. from mee sua to baking wedding cake... wow, u r some lady!

  4. you are tempting us with food we cannot get here... :( drooling looking at the noodle

  5. You are a good cook lah... I wish I still have the energy to back.

  6. Seeing the cake and food, I feel so hungry now.


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