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Monday, October 12, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival dinner

Hahahhaa.. did you laugh on my title?  I know I bit slow.. but I am just too busy to put in my blog!

We had steamboat dinner on that night.  I was just too busy to think of those fancy dishes this year.. I took Princess out to the wet market, buy those steamboat stuff like fish ball, meat ball, fish mee and others.  On top of that, I also buy fish paste, and meat to make yong tau fu also.

Nowadays, I had 2 hours of ‘luxury’ time when Princess had her morning nap.  So I took this opportunity to do the yong tau fu first.  And cleaning and storing those fish balls, meat balls and also the fish mee.  In addition, I also cut those vege and soak them so we could had dinner later. 

Some of my ‘liew’ for the steamboat…

DSC00632 Lady Finger, bitter gout, Brinjal yong tau fu

DSC00640 Tau fu ball, meat balls, fish balls, mushrooms, fish mee

DSC00639 Fu chok & Tau fu

DSC00633 Tau fu yong tau fu

I cooked the stock soup myself with some pork bones, a small piece of ham, and also some soya beans. 

And everyone had a good time wallopping the food, and I am just glad that there is no left overs for me the next day! muahhaa…


  1. Firstly, glad to hear that your uncle is doing all right and out of ICU already.

    Secondly, wishing you a great week ahead.

    Thirdly,feel like making yong tau fu for my sons for dinner to night

    take care now

  2. ooooo... steamboat! i love steamboat.

    u know where i was during mid autumn festival?

    i was out in some lousy hawker stall having lousy curry noodles.. lol!

  3. Yummy steamboat. Just nice for a gathering like Mooncake festival.

  4. I have yet to post our Mid-Autumn fest celebration... I am craving for steamboat now lor...

  5. Wah, nice homemade yong tau fu....looks good!

  6. i love steamboat..very convenient..

  7. steamboat..that is my favourite meal.
    I really salute you that you can bring ur girl along to wet market,for me, I won't never bring my son along to wetmarket.

  8. steamboat, yea we had steamboat dinner on mid autumn festival too, but no picture to show. hahahhah

  9. Hahaha....you were BZ completing all your orders!! Must be glad that is all done!

    Seems many of us had steamboat for mid autumn dinner!!!

  10. We are still eating moon cake! We went to the supermart just now and saw good moon cake costing only RM1! Normal price was RM12.50.

  11. your yong tau foo really look delicious. me wanting to learn to make them too!


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