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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Dear Friend

I had this friend, whom I have been having some worries for her.  We have known each other since Primary School, and during our Secondary School, we had closer relationship and every Chinese New Year, we will celebrate at her house too.

After completion of our Secondary School, we departed our ways, and she had gone to USM to undertake her undergraduate degree in Chemistry.  She was also successful got a career in a Company as a Chemist.

After a few years of us being departed, while she went for UK and I am in Singapore.  When I returned a few years ago, I got to know she had an accident and refuse to talk.  Therefore, no one knows what happen even her own sister.  We tried to ask, but she just refuse to mention. 

She had recovered better recently, at least we can talk to her, and she is willing to open her mouth.  Those days when we need to talk using paper is gone.

Now, my concern for her is that now, she just lost all her confidence, and she will buzz me every time in MSN telling me that she is having problem at her work.  So, what’s the problem?  She just keep telling me that she can’t cope and wanted to find a job as factory operator which provides hostel and only works 8 hours.

I keep advising her that she should not on her MSN at work, so she could concentrate very much on the necessary.  She was even complaining that her boss did not allow her to have MSN at work coz she has been distracting herself.  But, to her, this is not the issue of her being not able to cope at her work.

We are all in wits end how to help this friend of mine.. how can we help to built her confidence, how to help her to stay on her focus.

Another thing is that she keep saying she was being exorcised, and was being disturbed by those dirty stuff.. I told her to pray, and she says she has done it.. so how?

I am really worry for her, as now she is staying with her sister, however without a job, it will be difficult for her too!

Anyone with a better recommendation of factor operator job to recommend?  Please let me know… thanks in advance..


  1. she is indeed lucky to hv u as a good friend..

  2. Ok, we must remember that's so much one as a good friend can do,but the rest really depends on the one concerned.

    As for your friend, i guess the best thing to do is for her to go consult a pyshcologist,or psychatrist, and take some medication depending on her situation.

    But as for a friend,you can only encourage her to come out and to socialize in the open, recomfirm her past glories and to instil the confidence in her once again.

    She needs medical attention quick, otherwise she will keep dwelling in the bad thus it will be bad for her.

    By the way, dont blame yourself if she chooses othewise,ya? there's so much we can do, really. life goes on

  3. depression...i think she can sink into that... from chemist to factory operator job..something is wrong somewhere..she needs to be motivated... maybe let her take a break first before looking for a job... (not sure..better dont listen to me.. )

  4. Eugene suggestion is a good one! She believe that she has been possessed and that is quite serious. Maybe she really have medical problem. Otherwise, if she is having a sound mind, bring her to see a pastor. There are many good ones in KL & PJ, eg, SIB or DUMC. If she is really possessed, a prayer or two by herself may not help.

  5. She seems to be having some sort of depression or is delusional. Maybe her sister can get her some pychiatric help?

    It could be that the accident did something to her head. get her to see a doctor.

    Someone who is closed to me fainted and knocked her head on the floor. She looks and act ok at that time

    A few years later she was delusional. Said got dirty things disturb her.

    Went to see doctor. Doctor said minor blood vessels broke in her brain due to the fall.

  6. i'm so sad to hear about ur friend.. just an accident n caused her to lose everything..i'm very sorry. sometimes we should not things for granted...


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