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Saturday, October 10, 2009

On days that I am just too lazy to cook

Today, I had a very very bad pain, and I can feel like my spine is breaking into 2 pieces.  This has happened before during my confinement, and this time, I think it’s due to the bed I slept on in my aunt’s house.  Or I should say, not the bed, but the insufficient height of the pillows.

Anyway, I am just to lazy to cook today, and knowing tonight will be a steamboat dinner (and I have been having steamboat for the last 3 weekends!), so I just did a quick quick lunch..

DSC00678 Steam Otak (mum bought)

DSC00680 Yao Choy Sum

DSC00679The cube tau fu

All the above does not need me to ‘cook’.  All I need is a wok and water with the steam tray..

And of course just cut some shallots and garlic, fried them, add some oyster sauce to it and just pour over the veg and tau fu.. I am done!

muahahaa… and I can now rest so that I can enjoy my steamboat tonight..


  1. wow...simple yet delicious foods! I like yau choy and steam tau fu cooked in this way. Next time when u got the time,try wrap otak-otak with beancurd (fu chok) skin and deep fry. Yummy!

  2. healthy meal.. no frying and all that..

  3. Steamboat...Love it! Simple and nice to eat.

    I wonder what is the ingredient on top of the tofu?


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