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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Penang Penang..

On Monday, when I just got up from bed, my mum told me that my uncle has admitted to ICU in Penang GH.  Asking whether we should go visit him.  I surely say yes. 

I got plans to bring Princess for a trip to Penang, however not in such a situation.  I wanted to be there to give support to my aunt and my cousin, as I know I may not be able to visit my uncle since he is in ICU.

My mum made a few calls, arrangement and we finally left KL at 4.10pm (by then, we have already receive news that my uncle is already out from ICU and in the normal observation ward).  And we have to stop over to Bidor to pick up my aunt from Teluk Intan.  We arrived in Penang at 9.30pm.

Since we were already late, therefore the first night, end up in Lip Sin food court (which is near to my aunt’s house) and just had some Thai food.

Next day morning, we went to Anson Road for dim sum, and being me, in such a rush, I again left my camera, but I manage to take some photos with my phone.. and only after we ate, I took this photo…

DSC00659After the walloping session… 

If you ask me if I would recommend this place, I will NOT!  We found strains of hair in those food!!  and all they did was to change a new plate without even apologising! 

And for dinner, we had a good feast.. we ate at this place at Macalister Road..

DSC00664DSC00669 Broccoli and Scallops

DSC00668 Steam Fish

DSC00666 Seng Kua Tau Fu

DSC00665  Sweet & Sour Crab with man tau

The bill came up to about RM150+ and we quite happy with it, however the broccoli scallop is towards the high price (RM50). 

And before we left Penang, we got to know my uncle will be able to discharge on Friday and we all left Penang with a ease heart.  My uncle is currently undergoing dialysis treatment for his kidney, and he is not supposed to have lots of water.  He took some porridge a few days before, and on that night, he experienced breathing difficulties, and was admitted to Bukit Mertajam GH before being transfer to Penang GH due to the lack of facilities in BM GH.

We thank and praise Lord that my uncle met a good doctor in BM, and he followed the ambulance to  Penang and insisted that the nurses take him in first before all the registration process. 

So, my uncle learned his lesson, and he now dare not take any porridge.


  1. hi Cynthia, so u went to Penang.. i logged into my facebook last night and got to know that.. so all well ends well... u can treat this as a little holiday, makan and all...

  2. Hope your uncle will be recover soon.

    Woww...the broccoli is very very expensive leh! Maybe because it has scallop in it.

  3. Hope your uncle is in good health.

    Aiyoo Cynthia, you cerita pasal going to Penang to visit your sick uncle, tapi most of the entry is about food.... hehehehe...

  4. May your uncle gets well and be in good health!

  5. Hope yr uncle recovers soon. BTW, he can't take starfruit ok. It is toxic to kidney patients, just for yr info.


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