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Friday, October 16, 2009

Someone invaded my territory

I bought it at RM2K++ for a whole set, and I have been enjoying it all on my own..

Recently, someone invaded my beauty territory, even I have given 2/3 to her! leaving myself with a small space, but yet, she just love to come as near as possible.

I need that space for me to go online, and now, I got to move to another corner..

I have photo to prove this!

DSC00620 See, the empty pillow..

DSC00623 See my pillow… and her hand..

DSC00622 Another view…

DSC00621 And see… the pillow left there without anyone using..

On the other hand, I am also happy, coz this means Princess just want to be as close to me.  I know this kind of moment will not be long, and I better treasure them…

Even I will have to endures some back pain when I got up the next day…


  1. Ya,you are damn right,these kind of moments may not be long, you know i had the same kind of feeling last night, i held my eldest son very close and kissed on the cheek, and asking him,could i still do for another 10 years to come, i am glad he said sure,,,,,,,

    hey cynthia,, have a great weekend with your pricess too

  2. ya same here.....they will squeeze u out of the bed...

  3. She just want to snuggle up to Mama. Another Precious moment :)

    Happy weekend to you

  4. sooner or later u will be wrestling too in bed.. my girl in her deep sleep will put her leg on my tummy at times.. ouch ouch ouch!! some are very lan fun one... so see yr princess how next time.. hehehee..

  5. haha..both my son and daughter also like to squeeze with me (i slept in between of them). Yes..treasure this period. ;-)

  6. LOL... so cute... Maine also showing signs of lan fun... I have to jaga jaga...cannot be in deep sleep coz scared she roll off our bed

  7. I am sleeping with my 2 sons, 12 and 11. At times, they were squeezing me, kicking me, feet on my face, etc. I ended up a sleepless night. So now, I replace the double bed with two 3.5' single bed so that there is a "boundary". It helps.
    Your princess will be close to you when she grow up. It is ok and good.


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