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Saturday, October 17, 2009

When the flour turn to be tapioca flour

I got someone to buy me a packet of flour, thinking to have some cakes over the weekend, and end up, this person bought me Tapioca Flour!!! Sei mou?  Forget it la, malas I want to go out.. the changing and putting the car seat for Princess, and just drive out for that 5 minutes buying a packet of flour… no point!

So, I ended up browsing my ‘sister’ cake blog!!  She is the big cheh cheh of mine, and while I am in Singapore, she take care of me a lot!  I really mean a lot!

Recently, she started a blogshop for her handmade cake, and no joke, it was really really good!!  Let ms ‘curi’ some of her cake picture and post here…image

For Chirstmas

image Those in love…

image For Mahjong Kaki

image image For the Kids

All the pictures above are courtesy from this BLOG!  For more details, you can either visit her BLOG! or click on the pictures above!

Here, I would like to wish my cheh cheh… all the best in her new cake ventre and may her hobby and love, be turned into prosperity!

To order a cake, (currently only available in Singapore), you just have to email her, and read her contact page.

and of course, to know more about her.. READ HERE! you sure get attracted to this beautiful mummy who had 3 kids!  She is just so so pretty and awesome!

Now, if me and Princess is in Singapore…. I will surely be her neighbour!


  1. keep this cheh cheh for the rest of your life.. hahaha...

  2. Delicious looking cakes....but it's so beautiful. If for me, I would sayang to eat...

  3. Veh nice lor!! I like!!! You must learn from ur cheh cheh and do ur business in Malaysia...Then I no need fan where to get Maine's bday cake :)

  4. Tapioca flour!? I think that person doesn't know cooking. By the way, there are so many different type of flour nowadays that confusion is not surprising. Even ordinary flour has two types which I called them blue and green because of the packaging.

  5. such heart catching cakes they are..and nice blog too

  6. Oh the mahjong cake is very unique!

  7. Thanks Cyn for the beautiful write up. BTW, got a proposition for you will email you the details in fb mail :)


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