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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Banana Cake in the cup

I have been baking banana cake for many many many many times.. and yes, you read it right.. I got it done like every 3 days once coz I just want to try out and test out the recipe…

Today, my itchy hands start to explore further, that I put the cake in those muffin cup instead of the usual loaf pan.  Reason being, I just want to see how many cup of cakes I can make with 1 portion of the recipe.

I am considering to sell these cakes, and I can tell you, I have never ever praise my cake that way!  This Banana cake of mine, just awesome after some trial tests!  I thank all my guinea pigs aka pak lou shi at home and my buddies which have tested and give me different opinions.

I wanted very much to start, however still trying to figure out how.. should I go to morning market, night market, sell from home, or… I just don’t know… I don’t want to sell the cake in high price, as I think I want everyone to be able to taste the cake..

Let’s see my new look of my cake..

DSC00792 DSC00793 So, my dear friends here.. any idea how should I market this?

I have to find ways to earn some money as I don’t think I can get back to work next year with my little Princess sticking on me like glue.. and she is getting smarter everyday that she knows if I am going out or going to work..

Better start to find alternatives before too late, and I don’t wish to be in another situation like 6 months ago which I tendered 24 hours, and paid the company due to insufficient notice period.  I wish I could stay at home, and on top of that earn a living out of it.

All suggestions are welcome.. and I can do some consideration..

Thanks thanks..


  1. Hi cynthia. your cakes looks yummy. I'm not well versed in bakery so I am not too sure on the ways to go about selling them. But I do have friends in this line and I might just get some opinions from them. If there are any constructive opinions, I'll let you know ok? But one thing is for sure, an online bakery will definitely be a stepping stone. Care to consider that?

  2. If sell in morning or pasar mlm you have to have licence and you will have to jaga the stall. Time consuming. If you are familiar with hawkers at pasar/pasar mlm or even restaurant, maybe you can tumpang them to sell for you first. Just to test the market respond. If good then expand from there. Take order from hawkers,restarant and maybe someday soon you'll have your own bakery :)

  3. Ya, might as well put your baking talent to good use and earn some income. If you start your online bakery, I'm sure you already have lots of buddies as customers or to help advertise for you. Since your banana cupcakes are awesome, just put some nice frosting on top and viola.. become your signature product :-)

  4. Go online will be good..
    Let some restaurants try to promote it for you, give them some commission :)
    Cater for those parties, full-moon etc. You have an entrepreneur mind, I wish you all the success, own business is the best :)

  5. can promote at any of your fav sundry shop..


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