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Friday, November 20, 2009

Bread bread bread

My Princess loves bread.. and I have been trying and trying to look for a good recipe which I can do bread easier and less hassle.

I attempted to do the sausage breads earlier, and I failed miserably.. so this time round, I found another recipe which I can attempt again, plus now with my new mixer… I have been doing all these…

DSC00806 Raisin Bread

100_1252 100_1251 Chocolate Bun

100_1248 100_1245 Luncheon Meat Roll

The luncheon meat is bit thick and it’s not as crispy as it supposed to be, and I think the next time, I will pre-bake the luncheon meat and sliced it thinner.

I use this recipe from HERE, and the recipe is actually in Chinese and I have it translated here.  This blogger actually use it to do cheese sticks, and I use it for others (so, basically once you master the dough process, it will all up to you what is the ‘ingredient’ to be use as filings)

材料 (Ingredient A):

1. 高筋面粉 (High Protein Flour) - 480g

2. 普通面粉 (Plain Flour) - 120g

3. 糖 (Sugar) - 110g

4. 酵母(dry yeast) - 4茶匙 (tsp)

5. 盐 (Salt) - 10g

6. 牛奶粉 (Milk Powder) - 20g

材料 (Ingredient B):

1. 蛋 (egg)一1 粒

2. 水 (water) - 300ml

材料 (ingredient C):

1. 牛油 (Butter) - 60g

做法 (steps):

1. 将A 料混合,加入B搅拌成团 (Mix all the ingredient A, and add in B to form a dough)

2. 加入C,搅拌成光滑和富弹性面团(拉成薄膜)(Add in C and fold dough till elastic) – try to pull thin and it will not break easilly

3. 放进塑胶盒里盖好(或用保鲜膜盖紧),发酵60分钟或至双倍 (Leave it to proof till double, usually at least 60 minutes)

4. 用手指插入面团内,若清楚留下小洞,而面团又不会塌陷,既表示基本发酵已经完成 (try putting a finger and if dough clearly leaves a hole and dough does not deflate, the proofing process is complete)

5.  将甜面团分成60g,搓圆静置10分钟 (divide dough into 60g, and rest for another 10 minutes)

6. 放进烤盘里再次发酵45分钟 (let it proof again for 45 minutes)

7. 涂上蛋液 (Brush egg on top of the bread)

8. 放净烤箱,190c烘12分钟至金黄色即可 (Bake with 190c with 12 minutes or till golden brown)



  1. Wow, so many breads. How are you going to finish them?

  2. eh makcik.. why ur raisin bread there hilang satu dy? i dun remember munching on them oso.. hahaha...

  3. Must be Princess "chup" one raisin bread 1st..kekeke

  4. Hey sister, i'm gonna say this to ya, can you, can you really send some buns, cakes, or roti that's made by you and you alone,,,,, i sudah mahu lau hau sui leh........

    hey cynthia, take care now, will yoa

  5. I wonder how is Princess going to finish it without distributing some to uncles and aunties.


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