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Friday, November 13, 2009

Gift from Australia

I always count my blessing no matter in what situation.  I don’t like to keep going on and on of the bad part, and just want to make things better everyday.

You see, I have been a bad bad staff coz I left my Company giving my boss 24 hours, and even for the compensation, I negotiated for it.  I am glad I have a very understanding boss (who says female boss no good)? 

Not just that she has been buying lots and lots of baby stuff for me while during my pregnancy, she even always think of me and Princess when she travel (till now)!!

She was in Australia back last month, and when she is back, she came back with these gift for Princess… and of course, those now in my tummy nice Australia chocolates!!  Hey, the chocolates are not from KLIA airport hoh, it’s all the way flown back from Australia!!!


A nice T-shirts for Princess

DSCN5475 DSCN5477

A baby Traveller from Gr8x (an Australian product)

This come handy nowadays if I am going out shopping and to places where there is no baby changing room!  and this bag come in 2 years warranty.

I don’t know if this ex boss of mine will be reading this blog, however I wish to thank her for all her understandings and forgiving even though I have done so bad in terms of my work. 



  1. Your ex lady boss is such a sweetie. :)

  2. very thoughtful of her.. give her a call sometimes..who knows..she may have some projects for you to do??

  3. Wow...your ex-boss is such a nice lady. ^_^

  4. Your ex-boss is such a sweetie. Nice stuff. Perfect for Princess. :)


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