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Monday, November 9, 2009

Gift, gift, gift…

I brought Princess to Joanne’s house on last Tuesday, and we had a good time there spending with her and her little girl, Sarah.  Sarah is such a cutie and she is lovely!

Joanne and I keep yanking away, and to even save time for us to yank, her hubs helps to ‘ta pao’ food for us.. so nice of him, and we had a very nice fish ball noodle.

And Joanne also such a nice lady that she had all prepared for our visit, and she got a gift for not just Princess, but myself too!

It all come in this bag…


and it containts


Hershey’s Kisses

DSCN5372A Hippo Shape Baby Bowl Set (for Princess)

DSCN5373 DSCN5374

Thanks Joanne again, and to put in the record, the the chocolate is gone within a night! and it’s really really good… yum yum!  Nothing bids having chocolates in my fridge.. :D  


  1. Can see Princess love her gift very much. What a big smile!

  2. Aww... your princess's picture got me smiling for so long!

  3. Princess has more n more friends...

  4. itu pasal i dun keep chocolates in MY fridge..will be gone in an hour! lol..

  5. Always feel good to have gathering with blogger friends.

  6. Wow... so nice both of u getting pressie! BTW, I love Hershey’s chocolate too.


  7. eh... Sorry i missed yr msn msg. I was away that time. Anyway thanks for yr offer u really so nice la.

  8. so sweet of Joanne, princess got gift, mummy also got gift. :)

    Nice baby bowl set, cute!

    Your princess so chubby and cute, wan to *bite bite* her cheeks la.

  9. Hi Cynthia,
    It was a nice meeting up. You are a very frenly person and Breanna is extremely cute too.

    Hope to meet you again.

    About the gifts, glad that you like it.


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