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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I received orders!! :D

I was very happy for the start of getting my baking business, and hopefully this will be an alternative for me to generate some income whilst staying at home. 

I don’t really like telling people how ‘poor’ I am, and I hope even in my current situation, I will be able to spread some happy news around than keep telling how pity can I be.

I always jovial, even a small good start, it meant all well for me.  I really don’t like it to keep telling that I am poor, no money, as this will be even more depressing.  I should be looking more on the positive side, but not runaway from fact of life, right?

So, I am happy to announce that I received an order of 60 banana cake in cups, and another 20 sausages roll.  The banana cake in cup is for a kindie’s graduation night, ordered by a friend, and the 20 sausages roll will be shared with dearest family and friends of my ex-boss.

I hope with this spread of words, I am able to generate more business, and then look into better situation and turnover.  In addition, I am in the discussion with the Klang restaurant that I went for dinner on my birthday to sell the banana cake in his shop.  Hopefully this can work out.

I also want to thank those who left me some good suggestions on this post, and now I hope to see if there is any other restaurants, or place where I can tumpang my cakes for sale.  Anyone got any good recommendation?  I don’t mind the distance to deliver as long as it’s around KL / PJ.

Let’s me share the 2 orders which I have just made and delivered..

DSC00826DSC00825 Banana Cake in cup!  Ordered 60, but I gave her 64, to pack up the box.  I wanted to sell for RM1.00 each, and since she buys above 50 pieces.

DSC00828 DSC00827

Sausages rolls.. 20 in a box!  RM1 each

Next, I will be posting up this year Christmas cookies for orders too.  :D


  1. Cynthia, I've always admired your positive outlook in life. May things be better from now on.. :D

  2. yes... dont give up!! efforts pays off eventually..

  3. good start! Hope more business to come!!!! Will spread around for you :) btw, I want to order sikit sikit oni can ah?

  4. Good start for ur biz...good luck!!
    Hope u have a smooth biz and more orders for the next coming years.

    of course, do hope hav chance to tr out ur baking and cooking one day.

  5. Well done my friend! You are generating more income now! That's great!

  6. Congrats, all the best...the sausage rolls looks great! Yummy :)


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