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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Indian Lunch

I had lunch with Cecilia on Sunday (22 Nov) and we both have been craving for Indian food..  We went to Bangsar and had our heart out eating just the 2 of us.

100_1305 100_1311 100_1310 100_1309 100_1308 Did you notice there is a small lump of rice at the corner?  that’s for my little Princess.  I ate Indian rice with my hand, and while I feed my little Princess, she has a taste of curry too!  hehehe.. :p

and Indian food will not be complete if we do not have this!

100_1315 MANGO LASSI!


  1. banana leaf rice.. nice... best eaten with hands...

  2. ahhh.. banana rice.. eh.. banana leaf rice! SHIOK to the max. :D

  3. I love banana leaf rice, usually or almost certain, i will eat it with hand, no spoon or fork,,, and the Raksam is a must for me as well.

    if you come to Penang, Cynthia, i will take you to the best of Penang's banana leaf rice, once eat, you will come back for more,,,

  4. Where in Bangsar? There is one very nice Fish Head curry under the tree at Bangsar.

    I usually go to Kanna Curry House in SS19 for Banana Leaf Rice :)


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