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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letter from LHDN

I received a letter from LHDN aka our Income Tax office to inform that they have verified my income tax submission in 2008 and will be doing a refund of the tax over paid earlier.  They will be giving me the cheque in 2 weeks time.

I received the cheque from LHDN 2 days ago, and I was very impressive with it. 

DSC00811 DSC00813 DSC00812 wah.. happy lor.. now that the bank account will be RM42 richer.. muahahhaa…

This year… LHDN will be very surprise that I am not submitting any tax coz no income generated… and I am going to claim child reduction and other even I am declaring the marital status as ‘SINGLE’ muahahhaa….


  1. i also never kena..cos single parent to 3 kids..and somemore my salary is under poverty level now.. i read it somewhere in the newspaper lately...

  2. Troublesome coz even with no income also still have to submit the E-Filing ...sien

  3. Good for u.....
    i m on the other side :( always kena bayar tax

  4. They really do refund ya .... at first I thought they only say say only :) But it's a good thing to know and you can bring Princess to Starbucks liao with that extra refund :)

  5. Oh! That's good. At least they are doing their job by refunding the money to you. Heheh

  6. good nya... unlike me.. tak pernah qualify for tax deduction.. hahaha.. apa lagi for refund!!! :P

  7. LHDN refund me the cheque couple months ago. I will thier efficiency not bad. But a bit confused on their calculation. Last year suppose got refund too, but they replied me NO, this year one suppose dont have, but i received cheque pula.


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