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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lunch Date… followed by a question

I went out lunch with Cecilia and Ivy @ Wong Kok, Pavilion.  Before I was there, I make an announcement on my FB, mentioning if I ‘langgar’ into Adrian Low, what should I do.. and a good friend was saying.. speak of the devil… muahhaa..

No la, this is not a post about Adrian Low.. This is a post of food…

These 2 wonderful ladies I met today was my ex-colleagues cum nice buddies, and since Ivy was on leave for 2 days, we decided to meet for lunch.. it’s been more than 5 months I did not step foot into Pavilion.. Miss that place…

One thing to regret is that I didn’t have sufficient time to see the Christmas Deco (mind when I was working in Wisma Cosway, I see the deco every year!!) haiz.. maybe 1 day I bring Princess again..

So this is some lunch photos.. however due to the light is dim in the place, the outcome may not be as good…

DSC00855 The corn is not suppose to be there.. I moved it from my sizzling plate… it’s the jelly desserts

DSC00854 Main Course.. Sizzling Hot Plate Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce

DSC00853 A big glass of Ice… Watermelon

The sizzling plate is good, with the black pepper sauce very peppery.  The main dish will come with a soup (forgot to snap), Drinks and Desserts, and this cost about RM20.

It’s actually very packed with lunch crowd and we managed to get the corner table and had a good meeting of all girl’s out.

After lunch, both Ivy and Cecilia left first, while I want to go Lavender Bakery to get their Charcoal Bread (this is a bread that I must learn.. paying RM3.60 for 3 slices of it.. oouch!)

Princess was kind of into her sleeping mode when I walk from Pavilion to Cosway to collect the car, and once the car left Wisma Cosway, I noticed my Princess was already in her lala-land…

I stopped at Thin Heong (Previously known as Wing Heong) to buy some bak kwa.  I have their number, so I just have to stop by Jalan Imbi, and give them a call.  They will bring out the bak kwa for me.. :D  I always do this while I am in KL Town.

After all this.. I went to Puchong to send in one of the mixer cum blender which my mum bought years back.  The distributor that she bought from has closed down, and it’s just so sore seeing that thing sitting at the kitchen top but being useless!  So, I googled for the name, and found there is one in Puchong.

Round and round.. and after a few calls to the shop to ask for direction, I finally arrived.. It took me almost half an hour just to search for this shop!! but to my surprise, when I was there.. I saw a bakery wholesale shop just next to it!!

Is this a sign that I should just start baking and plan up my own bakery?  It’s been not easy to get bakery stuff and now I found a wholesaler!! which means, I actually can get cheaper cost if I buy in bulk!!  No need to search high and low and ta da.. it’s just right in front of my eyes.

So, my question to myself, is this what a sign?  Is this a signal?


  1. eh.. I didn't know of Wong Kok at Pavilion. Where issit ? and the wholesale bakery , issit cheaper than the baking supply shop? I always get my supplies from Chun Yip @ chee cheong kai.. no shop near my house lah.

  2. oh cynthia.. i dotn know what to say.. but u can start in your own home first.. get your orders and see how it goes.. later on when more orders coming in, then u can start thinking of getting somewhere bigger and more helpers...
    my two sens... :p

  3. I will be your franchasee in Penang, i book first ok,,,,Nobody can touch it....ok ok let's go and sign the MOU now Cynthia.

    You know,if you have that dream pursue it,dont let it die, ok my friend...Look at those local bred restautrants they've gone global now..

    In penang, there are still two brothers,operating "Black Forrest Bakery" and they've kind of made a name for themselves here in the island.

    So,on a very serious note,, when are you going to send me some for sampling..

    wish you all the best sincerely Eugene

  4. U got the phone number for the egg tart seller in Jln Imbi or not? I also malas to park n buy. The parking there..mend by those indians..always asking for rm2-3 for just mere 20-30 mins.

    Anyway, no such thing as sign or what. If you see the opportunity n you feel comfortable with it, then grab it n do. Believe in your self...::)

    Btw, i was also at SP last Sat. How come didnt see you geh? I was there night time. in CS somemore..buying groceries.. ehehehe

  5. It's a sign for you to embark and embrace your new career as a baker. :)


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