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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Marriage Registration

It was an amazing day on the 30th October 2009, which 2 individuals agreed and signed in order to ‘mai san’ to each other.  It was a solemnisation ceremony in Putrajaya of my 2 lovey dovey buddies.. Cecilia & Terence.

So, for me, I didn’t get them any gift, but had made this cake for them

wedding cake and this for the loving couple


In their Halloween Theme Costume! 

Congratulation Mr & Mrs Loo, and may you both have wonderful years ahead.. 百年好合,永结同心。


  1. so nice of you to bake a lovely cake :) congrats to your friends.

  2. Wah...many love on the cake. Congrats to your buddies.

  3. Lovely cake and the couple looks very sporting :)

  4. Lovely couple. And your cake is superb.

  5. Wow! It was nice of you to bake and give them a cake. I am sure they like it!!

    Congrats to the couple.

  6. did they wear those outfits for their ceremony? i am wowww-ed at their sporting-ness and coolness! woohoo!

    and the cake looks soo gorgeous! you are so rajin mannn..


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