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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mummy Blogger coming to town

Instead of the Santa, MeRy, a beautiful mummy with her handsome son and hubby will be visiting KL from 27th December to 29th December 2009.  It is now approximately a month down the road, and with now time flies, I would love to make this announcement to welcome Mery and her handsome son Ryan and hubby to KL.

Beside, I also know this wonderful mum, Claire will also be in town, however I have not got a chance to ask her if she will be free.. I will also love to invite her and her sons (Claire, I know your beloved Aaron will be back from Italy) too!  Let’s see if she is free.. and Claire, if you are reading this, please let me know ah..

I am planning to do a ‘party’ and love to invite all the blogging mummies to come join in the fun.  I have the initial plan to do this in my house (I am staying around Jalan Kuchai Lama) and if the numbers goes beyond my house capacity, then I will have to source for hotels to have this gathering.

I have not confirmed what to do, but would love to gather the numbers as then I can further plan the necessary.. I will surely be doing some dishes if it’s in my house, and may ask for some donation pot luck.  Let’s see how things goes..

First and fore most, I need the numbers of mummies or even daddies out there who wish to attend this.  You can either leave me a comment, or send me an EMAIL.

I will also welcome anyone with other brilliant ideas…


  1. 你很坏啦。。。。。papa bloggers you no invite, only mommy bloggers.不要跟你好了。。。。。

    angry angry angry..hahahahahah

  2. oops sorry sorry very the sorry, i didnt see the word daddies down your post,, ok now i can friend you back,,,,

    ok,,, tell me your plan first,, then i consider ok,,?

    really hope to be that with my entourage of one lovely wife and two wonderful children.

    you know waht in fact i intendd to take a train ride to KL,,, my sons have never tried it before

  3. my suggestion: do pot luck as its economical. place, do a picnic.

  4. wow, got gathering for bloggers...so fun

  5. hi cynthia, just got to know about your plan plan.. wow.. sounds exciting eh.. i hope i can make it, not too sure, most probably going down on the 26th till 28th.. yes, we can definitely chip in.. see how many people.. i m direction-less so i might need ppl to show me the way..hehehe...

  6. :D Pot luck with ample of space for the kids to roam.. where?

  7. Cynthia, incld me in....let me noe the time n the date.
    Really hope can try ur dishes.

  8. love to see u guys gathering. If the plan going accordingly, please upload the pix here.


  9. I'd love to join u guys. But gotta chk with 'driver' 1st. hehehe Maybe u set the time n venue, then c who can make it. Easier to plan with some certainties.

  10. Wow.."mega" bloggers mummies and daddies meet?


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