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Monday, November 16, 2009

My Birthday!!

All I can say is… happy happy and nice nice nice!!

I love it!! and this is the first year I celebrated with Princess and it’s a very memorable ones.. now my wish is to stay healthy and strong, so I could spend lots and lots of birthday with Princess.

In the afternoon, I met with with my buddies, who came and pick me and Princess out for lunch.  We have planned to have lunch at Waterlily in Puchong, however when we arrived, we realised that the place only open at 4pm.  So, Princess kai yeh took us to another German Restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong.  The food is very nice there.. the only thing is we are so famish, we did not take any photos of the gathering or the food! muahaha…

Dinner, we ate in Klang, the restaurant which we celebrated my youngest brother in August, and this time, and we had a total of 8 people having dinner.. and we had time to take the photos..

 100_1189 The Ko Lou Yok (Sweet & Sour Pork)

100_1190 Jiu Pai Tauhu (Minced Pork Speciality Tauhu)

100_1191Kai Lan Si (Special way of cooking Kai Lan)

100_1192Steam fish (this fish was caught by the restaurant owner) 

100_1193Buttered Prawns 


Fried Calamari


Red Bean Soup (FOC from the owner)

My plan of baking my own cake was spoilt as my uncle was telling that he will get me the BEST cake in town.. Frankly speaking, I was bit disappointed to see the King’s Cake box in the car…


100_1204The cake and the box…

Well, I still count my blessing with the cake…

And the gifts I received on my birthday…

100_1174 Chocolates from Shelly

100_1228 100_1229 Starbucks mug from Hua Hin Thailand from Ben 

And finally…

100_1219 The HAPPY FAMILY!

Oh ya… guess how much the bill for the dinner…




RM110 after 20% discount given by the restaurant owner.. I will post the address and the map to the restaurant in my coming posts…


  1. Happy Birthday Cynthia!

    Nice celebration with friends and family member. Food look yummy yummy and very reasonable price.

  2. The food looks good :) Nice celebration ya?

  3. Happy Birthday Cynthia! Really a happy family eh; I like the last pix. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Cynthia!! Many happy returns to you :D

  5. Happy Birthday Cynthia! The food looks absolutely scrumptious and the price is very reasonable too. I love your family photo..NICE!

  6. Happy Birthday to you!! muaks!

    the bill came to only RM110 for 8 ppl dining?????????? CHEAP! You all have fish some more, prawns some huh!


    the food looks good and the price is very reasonable too..

  8. Happy Birthday .... and great food you guys had.

  9. Happy Birthday Cynthia! May your household be filled with blessing for many many years to come.

  10. So the best cake from KING? I think ur uncle dont want to bake since u r the birthday gal? bday gal cannot be working ? ehhehehehehe

    Happy Birthday again! Do share where is the Pork Knucles in Puchong. Is it good?

  11. Nice b'day celebration......!!

  12. Happy that you have a great Birthday celebration. The 20% discount must be due to the Birthday Gal and cute Princess :)

  13. Nothing beats having ur beloved family members to spend ur birthday cynthia, and buddies too! :) happy birthday..

  14. I like when you said, this is the first year you celebrate with lil princess.........

    hey Cynthia, i am sure you had truly enjoyed yourself and the rest of the family too.

    wishing you a great life and a happy one too, nice to have known you, albeit in bloggershpere.

    take care now my friend,

    next year come to Penang lah, to celebrate, then we can join my anniversary , and your b/day, sounds good?

  15. Happy belated birthday cynthia. sorry for the late wishes arr.. im not able to online this few days.. so bz wit my fren from Tawau & Johor.. eh, wish u 身体健康,梦想成真&财源滚滚。

  16. Happy Birthday Cynthia and Many Good Wonderful and Happy Returns to you and Breanna always. Glad you had a good birthday with your friends n family !

  17. Thanks thanks everyone for all the best wishes!! :D

  18. Wow! looks like an very enjoyable day ya.. and the dish looks yummy. Which part of klang is this>?? I am from klang too, I WAN to go try out with my family!!

  19. heyyy missed your bday! happy belated birthday! sounds like u had an awesome day ;)


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