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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My daily meals – Ta Pao!

Nowadays, every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be a day where my house practically got nobody around except myself, Princess and some times my brother.

Therefore, I have decided not to cook on these 3 days, and used them to bake instead.  And if I don’t cook, what to eat?  hehehee.. I went tao pao for some dishes and cook my own vege plus rice, and a soup... economical and senang!  I normally pack 2 type of dishes, and it cost me around RM8 and sometimes even lesser! 

My brother actually commented that since ta pao, why didn’t I pack the rice also.. but if I do that, it will be counted individual pack, and each of them may cost me around RM4 to RM5 with 3 dishes.  And I will need to pack at least 3 packs a meal!

So, with this way, I save some money, and it’s another way to save up some water, energy, gas and etc… panlai or not?

It’s going to be Christmas soon, and I be busy with cookie baking sessions.  This way will be the best in order to ensure my family members has food in their mouth.


  1. you memang panlai, that's the brilliant idea..... hey dont overstress over your christmas baking baking and baking, ok?

  2. yeah..do what u can ... tar pau when u r tired..dont overdo yourself.. OK? the uncle and auntie advising.. hahhaa...

  3. Panlai lor!! Yes, it's better to just pack the dishes...

  4. pandai betul.another trick is not to pack so many dishes coz they charge more for dishes, just pack 2-3 dish but more qty.
    me -- lagi malas, sometimes cook rice for 2-3 days n microwave


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