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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My family favourite dish – one of them

If I cook this dish, it will be gone before the rice can be served.  So, normally this will be cook last, to avoid being ‘eaten’ before the actual meal starts..

DSCN5375 DSCN5376Home made fried taufu. 

I will have to use a block of taufu, with added carrot, minced meat, and fish.  Mix all together and steam it before deep frying it again.

If I really got time to do this, it will satisfy everyone’s tummy and it will be gone soon enough if you do not have a few in your hands.

Even my cousin who will be here, will ask for it.. :D

Happy Weekend everyone.. I am now busy with my own birthday cake.. muahaha..


  1. hmmm no sauce geh.. then a bit dry to go with rice only wor

  2. Yummy........u r a good chef!

  3. If given the chance I would try to cook it..too bad my mum dislike fried foods :( So now I can only watch your pics with envy :P

  4. How? Share the method ler so that I can try making too.

  5. Your family is so lucky to have you to cook for them. You are a good cook. I'm drooling now. :P

  6. wah..so much liews, yes, can imagine it will be delicous too!

  7. I will sit next to the kitchen with my plate, fork and spoon....first in line, ha ha,
    Have fun, Lee.

  8. Hey Cynthia, i thought yesterday was lil pricess' birthday, how come no talking about it,, am i right or what?


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