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Monday, November 30, 2009

A new family member

How is your long weekend last week?

Mine was celebrated with a welcoming a new member to our “Kwan, Weng & Wong” family.  My 2nd uncle’s son (a beloved cousin of mine) has recently got married, and came back to Seremban to hold a dinner to introduce his ‘legally’ wife to us. 

It’s not that we have not seen her, just an official way of ‘introducing’ her as Mrs Weng.. * did you notice we have 3 different spelling of our surname in my family? don’t ask why, coz myself also don’t know.. hehehe… *

We had a good time having nice gathering and food.. and I did a fruit flan for this lovely couple

DSCN5587and now some food…

DSCN5610 The Restaurant Name.. located in S2

DSCN5612 Shark Fin

DSCN5613 The variety Dish.. Sei Yun Fun

DSCN5614 DSCN5615 Roast Duck and Steam Chicken (As a dish served in different plates)

DSCN5616 DSCN5623 Fried Fish Skin & Bones, with Steam fish meat.. Something Different from the usual

DSCN5624 Buttered Prawns

DSCN5625  Fried Rice

I did not managed to take the photo of the desserts, as I was busy with all Princess.. but they served Honey Dew Sago, Lotus Mini Pau and Chocolate Mochi.

And follows by my family photos.. even not full attendance.. we occupy 3 full tables!

DSCN5626 The VIPs of elders… mostly my dad’s siblings

DSCN5630 The not so young VIPs…

DSCN5632 The youngs VIPs..

DSCN5635 The sisters, wives, gfs, niece clubs…

DSCN5636 The ‘huge’ heng tai club…


  1. Cynthia, tu cake cantik o. teach me how to decorate eh..

  2. wow...that must have been fun! food and family go very well together!

    By the way....next time can order bday cake from you already.

  3. NICE! It's always nice to be with family members and attending a function such as this.. :D

  4. Dear Cynthia,

    you must now change into Alex Hailey and start looking for the Root of your three surnames in one family............... that should sound very interesting

  5. my mum and all her siblings has got 3 different spelled surname too. According to my mum, last time their parents can't spell well, thus during registration of birth cert, the officer just spell whatever he hears from the mouth of my grandparents.


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