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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Satay Sauce Rendang Chicken

How many times do you eat Satay in a month? year? or life?  How often that you have unfinished satay kuah when you realised all the Satay gone? and throw away the satay kuah?

Just that day, I wanted to do Rendang chicken, and I was preparing for the necessary ingredient, and noticed that some items was missing.  I am just too lazy to drive out to buy it again, and was trying to see what can I find in the fridge for substitutes.

I found some satay kuah in the fridge, and put it into my rendang chicken too! and voila, nice nice!!  Coz satay kuah has got lots of spices and serai (lemon grass) and it make the rendang taste really good.

DSC00809 DSC00810I added only shallots, garlic, some red chilli, buah keras, dried chilli, lime leaves, ginger, lengkuas and some kerisik.  One thing that this rendang do not has coconut milk or santan, and it’s only from the kuah kacang only.. Since it’s without much santan, this dish can be kept for days..

So, next time, you know what to do when you have satay kuah and not throwing them away.. hehehe..


  1. like dat oso can ah? u ah cynthia, everything oso can jadi.. hahaha

  2. wu...recycle the sauce. hehe...good idea.

  3. very innovative, Cynthia. Sadly, for us, the satay sauce always finished before the satay coz the Papa love satay sauce. Got kacang.

  4. Very smart idea...hehe. You are good lah.


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