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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sausages Rolls

I bake again today (22 Nov) and this time round, I want to perfect my sausage rolls, so when it come to selling, it will also have some attraction too!


First attempt…


Second attempt..


Third attempt…

100_1303 Forth attempt

The 3rd and 4th attempt were the same batch of bread dough just differently being wrapped around the sausages.  The 3rd attempt still can see some ‘mouth open’ as it was not sealed nicely, but the 4th attempt is all nicely done!

And on top of that, I have the balance of the dough to make 12 little buns.  I separated them into 6 chocolate and 6 plain.. and I use the muffin trays to bake them.. so, this came out like muffin which has nice crispy tops, and soft bottom.

100_1301 100_1302


  1. i tell you,if my two wonderful sons are here looking at these saugsages,they will sure hantam me and asking me to buy for them,,,,hahahahd thank god they are not here..

    hey cynthia my sister(now i can call you that, cos you called me brother too)wishing you thriving business.

    have a great week ahead

  2. Delicious looking. Hey, why not next time if gotextra dough, try put some "Inti" in it? Strawberry jam or something.

  3. Super delicious......

    Juz wondering is the gathering on or off???

  4. Great job, the fourth attempt is fantastic. It looks great and tempting too :) Keep it up!

  5. looks like u r working hard to embark on bakery home bis ehh... i reckon it's a good start & i truly wish u luck in yr endeavour!!

  6. wish you good luck in your biz. Have you target new groups like training centers near your house? They give you recurrent income..


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