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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Schedule Post

I have been quite busy with my work and others, and it seems that the only way to keep my blog ‘alive’ is to have some posts done up and schedule for postings on the alternate days. 

I have 2 blogs to maintain, therefore I do both on alternate days, so my dear readers, a.k.a YOU, will not be too bored of just reading 1 post a the time.

After doing so, I have thought that my both blogs can sustained till next week, but hey, nope, I forgot that there are some drafts which are pending for the ‘touching up’ hence did not post!

OK.. I admit badly that after the birth of my Princess, I tend to really have bad bad memories (and I guess, that’s some important events need to be recorded in blogs).

I have been forgetting lots of stuff, where I put, what I do, and even I FORGET to bring along my buddy’s hand bouquet on the day of her marriage registration! The groom got to get another one on the spot, and I know it cost a bomb!  Feel so bad so bad… frankly, till today, I still feel bad… :(

Anyway, I am now with an additional helping hand at home to clean up my house, and therefore I got more time to do my blogs, and I can now afford to have better updates to it..

I got to rush for my 3 companies accounts to be done, and hopefully by this month end it can be done.

Also, I will be celebrating my first birthday with my Princess coming 15th November 2009, which marked another memory day.  I have already plan to bake my own birthday cake.

I can’t wait for this day to come, as I am just as excited to celebrate this ‘big day’ with my little Princess… :D


  1. Happy Birthday to you Cynthia (in advance). We all here not invited eh? wink wink!

  2. Happy Be-Early Birthday, Cynthia. Not only you having bad memory after giving birth. Me too. People say half thee brain given to baby. kekeke

  3. Happy birthday Breanna, You are 1 year old already! times flies!!
    Cynthia, My son was born 9nov07. Their birthday so close.. although it's 1 year apart. Little princess is really gorgeous. Hope she will have a great time during birthday celebration.

  4. First of all,who dares say we will get bored reading your blog, who who who?, personally, i drop by whenever i see an update on your blog, and especially if you do write about Pricess,

    Hey Cynthia, your first year is on the 15th, my 13th wedding annirvesary is on the 16th of nov, so i kong xi you first, and then you kong si me,,, the next day ok?

    hahahahahah, bake one cake for me, ok boh?

  5. An early birthday wish to you Cynthia. Happy Birthday and have a great day with princess. Show us your birthday cake picture ya. :)


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