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Monday, December 7, 2009

Bread & Cake

I am always in the baking mode.. and I will bake as and when I am free.. or even sometimes, when I have supporting friends, bloggers who ordered my ‘kit jok’ with all my tender loving care..


I decorated the bun before putting into the oven..

DSCN5691 And it came out that the Choc melted.. next time, deco after out from oven..

DSCN5690  Sausage bun with Cheddar CheeseDSCN5709Another fruit flan with Coffee Sponge Cake as the base


  1. Thumbs up! Thank you very much for the lovely cake, Cynthia

  2. wah.. cake for small kucing? the cake looks good... so how did it taste like?

  3. he he.. even melted, can still see the decor but then again, better to decorate it after baking next time :)

  4. A surprise party for a friend. Taste good, Claire :). Not too sweet as requested :).

  5. wow, the buns and cakes look delicious! :D your children must be really happy ones! :D yummy!

  6. I have an award for you Cynthia!! And happy baking. All look delicious.


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