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Friday, December 4, 2009

From Taiping

Princess’s god dad, Ben went back to his hometown, and upon returning, he brought this back for me…

DSCN5675 Heong Peah from Taiping

DSCN5676 Instant herbal tea

Ben knowing that being me a sometimes lazy fellow, he brought the herbal tea for me to standby at home just in case.  According to him, it’s a very good and convenient drink but I have yet to try.  Will do that one day… coz I am having bit of sore throat..

Thanks Ben for those goodies… and in return, I gave him a tupperware of home made herbal tea which is being chilled in the fridge.. and I am still looking forward for the return of my container.. hehehhee.. Ben, if you read this, you ‘sek jou’ la.. hahahha..

No no, I am not stingy that he can’t have the container, but if he returns me, I got more to give him ma.. or else, next time will be in plastic bag which is not very environmental friendly right.. :p


  1. heong peah my favourite leh... send some to me oso... lol :P

  2. hahaa... yeah, hope he sik jou otherwise no more goodies from cynthia mama...

  3. Uiks! the herbal tea ngum ngum for you now la since not feeling that good.

  4. i like the biscuit from tpg too

    A smile from SJ =)


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