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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just sharing some articles

I am not looking at par at her, but just wanna share my thoughts of being in her situation.  Well, she is a celebrity, and I think she is shouldering more ‘aspect’ than myself.

I have hardly read newspaper nowadays, but then today, I just feel like reading The Star Online, and I came across this article and also this one.

In the first one, she is also a single mother, who is not married, and being herself, she manage to raise her child whom is now 2 years old. 

In the 2nd article, it’s about unintentional pregnancies, and the some statistics numbers for reference. 

Well, just had a feel that these 2 articles may relates to me, and may love to keep them and share with all of you who reads my blog. 

I have so far no regrets to bring Princess to this world, and raising her on my own, but I am not encouraging this trend.  Being one, I will love to share my parenthood experience, and bring joy to everyone with my Princess.


  1. I didnt know AG got a 2yo son...

    Hmmm my feelings are still mixed.. but still gotta go strong.


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