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Friday, December 18, 2009

Marital Status - Single

Nowadays, whenever I was at the counter filing up form, I will still tick the square of being SINGLE, but of course, I got lots and lots of curious stare from those who read the form… I even had once someone told me, I should tick either separated or divorce!!  No, No, I don’t… since I am not even married, how to have separation or divorce?

Now, come this CNY, I have a question… since I am Single, will I still received ang pow? and if I don’t, will I need to give since I am not married?

This is not a serious issue.. but I just want to see what others think of this situation.. should there be any other single people around out there who wish to know this also?

I know for the Muslims, if they celebrate Hari Raya, the ‘duit raya’ will be given from those who has started working to those who are still dependant, but for us Chinese, we give 'ang pow’ on the term of marriage.. those married will give to those singles…

So, what do you think.. let me know lei… :D

Since it’s Friday, have a good weekend ahead ya.. :D


  1. Cynthia, honestly? I have NO idea. lol... even before I got married, some ppl have stopped giving me angpow on the basis that i'm OLD dy :P but then again, rite up till now with Ethan in tow, I still receive angpow from a few with the reason I am still 'small'... so... I really really have no idea bout this.. I'll give Breanna but not YOU though.. wakakakkakakaka...

  2. i think west and east malaysia... different abit.

    east, when you working... relatives not give angpao any more.

  3. I have no idea about this too but if I have a fren who is single with a kid, I will give ang pow to the kid but not the mommy lo eventhough I know she is single, kekekeke

  4. since u r a mummy, maybe u should give ang pow..

  5. chinese saying..yau lei yau hui.. if receiving, got to give out too.. :)

  6. Very simple. If you have money, you give, but if you dont have money, collect from others. To me AngPow is from some one affordable to some one less affordable. So which category are you?
    But I am sure you are the type like me who dont mind giving, right?

  7. Not obligated to give cos not married. but if u want to give, like to give a blessing to a child...sure..go ahead.

  8. I am single but my ang pow is getting less each year. I think what Voon said is right, east msia, once started to work..ang pow is less...for your case, maybe when ppl gives to your baby only then you return? Just my 2 cents though. Cheers.


  9. If someone gives ang pow to your baby, then you return only if the giver has children.
    Otherwise, you don't need to initiate by giving first...hahaha. By the way, this is my "money saving policy". Hahaha


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