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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The mother and child loving moment

This is to write down some loving moments between me and my little Princess

As a mother, I am very proud of this gift from GOD, and I even have a blog just for her to write down all her milestones, and other stuff related to her.

I finally managed to capture some loving moments, when Princess and I exchange lips..

DSC00891 DSC00889


I do this photos on my own.. with one hand holding on Princess.. and 1 with the camera.. not bad hoh…

It’s nice to have some ‘manja-ing’ time from the little ones.. :D


  1. nice pics and moments there cynthia. priceless.. :D

    yeay.. i'll be here waiting for u to drop by.. :D

  2. Cynthia, so lovely photo!! I like it.. Princess is so so lucky to have all the love from such a good mommy like u...

  3. nice nice....

    Merry christmas to you & your princess

    this time the photos look clear a bit ... hehe

  4. aiyo....soooo loving. make sure u print pics like this BIG BIG in photobook or anywhere so u can present it to your princess later ;p

  5. awww... mother and daughter bonding moments... so sweet.

  6. Very loving and heart-melting leh... I'm feeling lovey-dovey already hehe :p

  7. aww...so heartwarming to see these photos :D

  8. You make me jealos, very jealos lah,, i missed those moment lioa, and looking at those pictures of yours really warm my heart, dont let my wife see it, ok? otherwise baby project will start again,,hahaha.

    hey cynthia i appreciate you for being my friend,and dont let me catch you in Penang without looking for me... i will cham you one look.....

    take care now,,,, going to go kiss my boys now,,,and maybe one hand camera one hand holding them,see if i could come out with the pictures as geng as yours,,

  9. Oh....those are really PRICELESS!
    thank you for sharing them.
    I have two daughters myself.
    I had an absent ex, hence
    I always felt like a single mother too.
    Both my angels are now 15 and 17.
    Hold her close for she grows up fast!

  10. Dear Cynthia,

    I have just read your past post and I just want to thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    I would like to just share this with you:

    1. After reading about Adrian, he reminded me of ex. My specialist called him a CON MAN! He LIED about EVERYTHING! i was married to him for 12 years , I do not regret being married with him because I have two daughters but until today, I do not really know him!
    Guess what? I never will and honestly, when I divorced him, I know that LIFE IS TRULY BETTER WITHOUT HIM. I do not hate him (although he is still bitter!) but I have definitely move on with my life even before I remarried. Look at Adrian as a medium for you to have PRINCESS. He was irresponsible before, do you think he will ever be responsible now? Count your blessings (you are not married to him and you have PRINCESS) and try to move on. As long as you still keep in touch with him, YOU WILL HAVE TO ENDURE HIS LIES. In time, you will see what I mean. I wish ONLY THE BEST for you and PRINCESS.

    2. I am SO HAPPY that you decided to have PRINCESS with or without Adrian , right from the start. THAT IS SO AWESOME OF YOU!

    3. Move on with your life. You have a great family support (which I do not have) and I see that you are truly a wise person. Take care of your health. Learn from me for after my divorce I went through two major operations. Stress can do a lot of damage. So not worth it!

    Wishing you and Princess all the best,
    always and ever, and always remember ... that WE MAY PLAN BUT GOD KNOWS BEST!


  11. Very sweet photos! Happy Holidays!

  12. very sweet picture, mummy and daughter bonding time. :)

    So 'geram" looking at your princess chubby arm, omg! I want to "bite" her arm. hahahha


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