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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Cosway Membership

I just need to rant this out.  And warn the others of the Cosway ‘trick’

I did a new membership application on the 3rd of November 2009, and since it was done through my cousin, I did not have the membership number immediately.  Anyway, when I wanted to buy some stuff from Cosway end  November, I went to the shop nearest to my house to check the status of my membership.

To my surprise, I was informed that my membership was not submitted, and just that, I couldn’t get my cousin too! Anyway, the stockist asked me to re-register again for the membership, and I did thinking that my cousin may be too busy to submit my application.

When I got home, I called my cousin again, and she informed me that my application was done on the 3rd November 2009, and she even SMS me my membership number.  So, I called the Cosway Service Centre to inform them that I am not happy with this.

I feel myself being tricked into paying additional membership fees, just because the stockist wanted additional member under their ‘umbrella’. 

Up till today, I have not received the refund, and had been written to Cosway for a twice.  So, if you have got any Cosway member, be aware if you want them to check your membership number using your name!


  1. Thank Sister for that piece of information, that's whant bloggers do, looking out for one another,right?

    take care now and have a great week ahead

  2. you can check with name and ic no. i always forget to bring my card and I quote my name n ic no but make sure the points are credit and redemption voucher issued la.
    Ask Cosway, how could they have 2 membership of the same name n IC no ? They should give you a refund.

  3. Which branch you went to? Will avoid that branch. Some branch really LCLY. There is 1 branch in NZX which is real GOOD. Stocks are nicely display at the shop and the staffs very friendly and professional.

    So far my membership okay. Tarak problem.

  4. normally just give IC n they can track liao. I normally go to the one in Amcorp cos they r my personal friend (family friend)) for almost 20 yrs liao

  5. how awful! thanks for this story. at least the rest of us would be more aware of cosway's little tricks.


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