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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A not so good week

This week, particularly from 14th to the 18th was really bad bad for me..

First, Princess fell from her bouncer when I was filling water in her bath tub and had a hard hit on her face.  I saw some blood stain, but after I check, don’t find any bump or cut.. don’t know why.. now, Princess will scream in fear when I put her on the bouncer again.

Second, I dropped the whole bowl of flour on to the floor while trying to mix the cake.

Third, I dropped an egg in another day while baking a cake.

Sei mei, for 2 cakes I bake, I dropped 2 different thing on the floor on different day!

Forth, I make a cake for a customer, and when I sliced the cake, I know it’s not up to my expectation! but it’s too late for me to bake another one!!!  So sorry for her as she wanted the cake for birthday celebration!

Then all end with a fever and sore throat.. and by the time I am writing this post, I have a whole big tumbler of water and pat poh drink with me…

Let’s end this week with all this.. and hopefully next week will be better.. please please please…


  1. poor cynthia.. what u need is some rest, rest and more rest.. i was stressed up too lately and i think i ranted it out in my blog.. we mothers are not robots, we hv to realize.. so.. do take care, young mama...

  2. oh dear...poor princess and mummy! Hope everything's fine...take care ya.

  3. Cynthia, hope the week ahead will be a more pleasant one. I do agree with rena, maybe u could use more rest...

  4. Yeah, hope everything will be good and back to normal for you next week, as well as the year ahead! Sometimes it's like that, when something can go wrong, it will go wrong all the way, one after another :-(

  5. sorry to hear that!

    Take care.

    Happy winter solstice!

  6. Aiyo..really a bad week for you. The blood stain on the floor could bee from inside Breanna's mouth.

    Well...since you had a bad week , so rest assure that this coming week will be a very good one for you :). Hope you get well soon.

  7. Hey, wishing you bad bad go, good good come,,, if you know what i mean? hahahah

    hey cynthia, here wishing you a great merry and happy christmas

  8. Oh dear....hope the next few days till the end of the year will be superb for you!!!

    Have a merry christmas!

  9. poor dear, it will be better, really it will.

    merry christmas to you and yur lil princess!

  10. Hey Cynthia, promise to take good care of yourself ok?


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