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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Of 2 birthdays

Nowadays, of every occasion, I try to bake.. firstly to improve my deco skill, bake skill, and also to save money.  I wonder how come cakes are so expensive ah?  For me, I want to bake cake that is affordable to everyone, and have everyone got a chance to taste my cake.

I try very much use less sugar (very important) but not to spoilt the cake sweet taste.. I don’t think anyone will like a ‘sugarless, tasteless’ cake too right…

So, last weekend, beside baking for my lovely cousin, I bake another cake for my brother’s girlfriend’s BIL and sister, since we are invited to their place for dinner.  My brother wanted to buy a cake, but I told him, I will bake one instead.

I did this..

DSCN5642Then today (1 December 2009), it was my Part time boss birthday too, and since he has been asking for recipes on brownies, I guess he must like this cake.. and I did this for him

DSCN5682 DSCN5681 Since this is a brownie, I decided not to put the chocolate ganache at the side, and let those on the top flow down on their own.  I topped it with lots of walnuts and some sugar sprinkle to have some colours on the cake.

I am also doing fruit flan, customised to your request of the sponge cake to be used instead of the usual vanilla flavour.  I will also take in the fruits which you wish to have (of course, don’t give me those that is difficult to find provided it’s on season). 

I welcome those of you who wanted to try my cake, and I can do upon your request with at least 3 days notice.  If you gonna ask me how much I charge for those above if you are to order, I am doing it for RM40 (abt 1KG) and RM30 for (1/2 KG).

If you keen, you can always contact me via my email.


  1. yum yum......

    The 1st cake look better than those in the shop.

    Less sugar is goooood

  2. See i told you,you are good cake woman,, hahahaha,the phrase i coined specially for you.

    i really believe you can make good with your baking skill, keep it up sister,,,,,,,,,,,,,dont forget, bake me some.

    take care now

  3. Yoooo.. the brownie looks so heavenly! One day I'll sure order from you... wait for me email ya!

  4. u can really bake!! btw, baking at home is not cheap also hor...

  5. I give you 9/10 and 1 more point wait till I try your cake. Fair right?

  6. wow..u're into "baking" world now.


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