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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Penny wise Pound foolish?

I wanted to share this experience..

How many times that you go to a shopping mall, trying to see if they offer you free parking with a certain amount spend?

I was at Endah parade for a quick shopping and I wanted to see if the place has got blueberries for sale since it’s now in season.  Well, after walking the whole Carrefour for 2 rounds, I can’t find any except strawberries.

I did some calculations while doing my shopping as Endah Parade got 2 hours free parking if you purchase above RM30 from Carrefour.  I bought potato bread, a can of peach, strawberries, some gift wrappers and greeting cards, and some other can’t remember what.. I have 2 tumblers with me too.. which will make up my shopping losses of RM40++.  *quick note:  I was trying to meet the minimum purchase so was trying very very hard to find some thing to buy*

Upon at the counter, the cashier scanned the items, and I found that the tumbler is actually wrong pricing (it happen in this Carrefour many many times) therefore I am extra careful when come to the cashier.  I told the cashier to void the tumbler, as I don’t want to wait for them to start ‘calling’ their supervisor, check the price.. and blah blah blah…

So, the bill was then only RM25++ without the tumblers, but heck, I just don’t want to round the hypermarket again and with Princess wanting to touch anything that come to her curiosity.. so, I check out.

While exiting at the car park, I paid RM1 for the parking of an hour and half, and that make my total spending of RM26++ instead of RM45++?

I just may save another RM20 for this.  And the next time I go shopping, provided the cost of parking is going to be really expensive, I will surely not going to shop till the minimum payment. 


  1. eh..I'm also like that lar.. shop to meet minimum just to claim the free parking. Sometimes, buy thing I don't need. Sei mou ?

  2. Thanks for sharing this, it is good and had wash my brain now, i wouldn't shop till the minimum payment to get what sort of free parking or free gifts. :P

  3. i would rather pay the parking fees than paying for other unnecessary items..

  4. Oh ya ah, true also. Usually, I go to the hypermarkets near my house which offers free parking.

  5. Good idea! Shouldn't buy to meet the minimum. But I often buy to meet the minimum RM50 credit card limit! Hahaha... ok, I buy things which we actually need, eg, rice, or food item.

  6. if possible, i try not to go those place need to pay parking fees :)

    hence, if the hypermarket want to earn money from me, pls take away the parking fees...

    P/s: actually i shop at the place parking too and dont think i am stingy ~ just a concept to save more money


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