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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am served

Woo HOo!!  It’s such a pleasure to be served… and I don’t mean serving in the restaurant, but in the house of honour!!

I have this blogger friend, who email me after reading my ‘story’ and with that, we started a further journey of our friendship. 

We started to exchange numbers…

and later while I was on the other MSN with Merryn, I told her about knowing this blogger, and we plan to meet up.  Merryn was very excited, and she was telling me that this blogger also don’t drive, and she is staying at one out of the way place.. I told her, no prob.. I go pick her…. and with that I SMS this blogger..

And poooff.. we confirmed the meeting… (sometimes, when we don’t plan, it turned out better)

So, I pick up this sweet lady around her house (coz she don’t know how to direct me) hehehe.. and we head to Merryn’s.  Upon arriving, I was asking Merryn, “where are we having lunch?”… and the ANSWER??

HOME!!!  Merryn cooked for US!! What a pleasure!!! and we are served with the following dishes..

DSC00951 Soya Chicken with Potatoes!!  YUmmy!!DSC00952Seaweed soup… NICE 


Broccoli with sweet peas and carrot!!  My FavouriteDSC00954 

RICE!!!  and Princess love it!!

I feel so honoured!!  with Merryn cooking for us, and with this ClefFairy along.. and we have another surprise visit from this mamarazzi and her smallkucing…

Now, for other bloggers, do you wish to be served?  join us the next time ya.. :D

Hop over to Merryn, Smallkucing and Cleffairy blogs for other photos… and of course they were faster than me in terms of the posts…


  1. Hei, how come no pics of Breanna??? Adoi.. :D It was fun wasnt it? :)

  2. ok ok.. saw breanna's pics ody in the other blog.. hehehe

  3. i am truly happy for you ladies, having a time out, and enjoying one another's company. good on ya.

    Jelos is the keyword i left in cleff, merryn, small kucing and your blog,, betul betul jelos,,,

    take care now,

  4. Aiyak...i came too late.Missed out the good food. Next time will come earlier and wallop all :p

  5. It is true, when we did not plan , it will turn out better! Merryn so good in cooking

  6. How nice to be 'served' hehhe...

  7. Wow, Merryn's cooking must be really GOOD! I cook strictly for my family only... cos not pass enough, malu lah to serve guests haha. Nice gathering you all had!

  8. That's the thing about blogging.. you meet and get friends. :)

    The chicken with potato looks like mui-choi something.

  9. Wah...Merryn can really cook. Nice meet up. :)

  10. hahaha....it is indeed nice to be served. Glad you all had a good time!

  11. What! Got free lunch as well! So envy you guys la…
    It is nice that all mummy gathering hahaha

  12. Merryn must be busy and put lots of effort to cook this...happy gathering for everyone..

  13. Merryn is a very good host huh?
    Very sweet of her to do all this.

  14. So good...hav another round of gathering again.
    Merryn can cook so well.

  15. Nice and fun!

    Merryn is a good cook. The food look good and of course taste nice too yeah.


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