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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Kapit-ing session

This round of time, my mum will wanted to start her fair share of contributing towards the CNY cookies.. and she will do the Kuih Kapit aka love letters..

We had a good time yesterday morning doing this with my mum.  She finally have the time yesterday, and she woke me up early to go market to buy all the ingredients.

We started in the morning, and finish about 2 to 3pm, and this is what we have done..

DSCN5791Before the fire start..     DSCN5795 DSCN5794Busy with the flipping of mould and folding the love letters (and of course not forgetting putting in our mouth too) 


The Love Letters…


The labour of love…


Into smaller containers to be distributes to family members..

Actually in my family, we don’t really eat a lot of this cookies, but we really enjoy the moment we spent together in the makings.  This year, we have an additional member to the family, and she is also joining us to ‘sibuk’ together.

We have another 2 more weeks before the CNY is here, and maybe another round of this making session next weekend.. :D


  1. aiyo so syok...the kuih kapit must be very good tasting coz bake over the carcoal. very "heong". Jealousnya

  2. wow...so clever to do one.. me always end up ordering only... lazy me!

  3. Reminds me of the time my family makes yang yuan tgt.

  4. At this time of the year, can I be your family member too? I want to kepit kepit and curi some into my mouth too :P

  5. I have make kuih kapit once and it is really not an easy thing lor...so hot sitting near the stove.


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