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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meeting with MeRy

This is really really backdated… and I am doing it half way, the router decide to ‘give up’!!!  So, I only manage to continue now…

OMG!!  I met her last year, and I waited till now after a year only I posted this!  Sei For mou… I met her on the 29th December 2009 at the Curve after a few changes to our plan…


With MeRy and her family…

After a few SMS exchange, we decided to meet for dinner which MeRy informed me that she will be at the Curve for shopping.  One thing I really salute her is that she got around KL by our public transport system!!! 

So, I arrived at IKANO at about 7pm, while strolling awhile with Princess to take some photos since the Christmas Deco was still up.  After meeting MeRy, her hub and of course her precious son, Ryan, we made a decision eat at Marche.  We walked over to The Curve, and SMS-ing Merryn to inform her of the plan.

We started our dinner without waiting for Merryn, as she will be late, and while we eating, I already received an SMS from her informing that she was leaving her house.  So, I told her to come over to Marche to meet us.

By the time she arrived, we already done with our food, so Merryn and her family went over to other eating place for dinner, and while the rest of us walk walk at The Curve.

Look at Princess with Ryan after we finished our dinner..

DSCN5936 DSCN5937

We tried getting a group photo after Merryn finished her dinner, however all turn out not in order.. the best ones will only be able to be found at Merryn’s blog.  And later, we walked over to IKEA again, but ended up all were too excited meeting each other, and we just sat outside IKEA chit-chatting away.

I managed to send MeRy back to her hotel (and not wanting her to go through the public transport again).  We all had a good time meeting each other, just regret that we can’t stop the time, and have longer meets..

Next time, MeRy… hope you in KL again… :D


  1. You good lah, somemore can meet meet with so many blogger friends,,, in KL,, how come Penang not so geng one,, i am here, cannot meet meet bloggers from Penang one, how come like that one,,,

    hooray , i am the first commentor

  2. Aiyo Cynthia.... so back dated nih! last year punya hal.. now only posted! lol.. was a little bit rush on my side... so sorry for the chaos caused.. :(

  3. wei, Eugene, you just met with Claire wor.

    Me lagi teruk. Stay KL but like katak bawah tempurung kakaka

    I salute the 3 of you la...29th dec that area quite crowded wor.

  4. I havn't even blogged about our gathering yet...has been dragged for abt 1 month..only now I slowly update my blog about my dec'09 activities....
    Hope to meet u again..!!

  5. LOL....nvm, better late than never. You're living in KL? Next time wanna meet up wif you, can bo?


  6. cleffairy... of course can la.. me stay in KL... when when you want to meet me ah?

  7. never mind cynthia, backdated ones also i sapu and read them .. like going through revision books ma..cos i have a short memory one :)

  8. Walao… it is old posts :P
    Actually, it is not that old… 1 month only.
    Oh yes… I read about this outing at Merryn blog before.
    Mery is not KL people?

  9. I have missed this one...
    I hope to meet Mery the next time she comes to KL.


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