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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year’s Eve

Last year, I end my 2009 with a new year eve’s celebration with some of my buddies that have not been meet for many many months.  So, when I receive call from Erick, I told him YES, and he told me it will be a pot luck dinner, therefore wanted me to make the jelly they ate during my full moon.

So, I made this..

Pictures2I did not take the photo of the food, as we are were all busy makan makan.. drink drink… and BBQ BBQ-ing…

But the person who enjoy the most, is my little Princess, and we have quite a few photo shots with my friends and her..

DSCN5961 Parents To Be… training with Princess first..

DSCN5954  DSCN5960Towards the end of the ‘party’ my Princess already all sweat and feeling sleepy.. but as usual, she will not ‘cin cai’ sleep, and she will keep all herself up till we were in the car.. this time round, she hardly make it till the guard house.. muahahaha…

Before we cabut, we got 2 more gifts from Princess’s Erick Kai Yeh, and also  Aunty Jennifer… not forgetting one ‘laptop’ toy (which is not in the repair shop) for Princess..

DSCN5966 DSCN5965








How lucky is my Princess showered with all the ‘Tender Loving Care’ by all the aunties and uncles… :D


  1. Didn't know you are also into cooking and baking.. :)

    Your princess really growing up nicely.

  2. Happy new year to you cynthia:D
    glad that princess was showered with love, she has big round eyes ehh so cute :D

  3. those dresses will look very cute on princess.. :p

  4. The fish jelly reallllll nice. Must make for CNY

    Who would not show Princess with love. She is so CUTEEEE...i wanna cubit jor

  5. Fish jelly you made yourself ? nice!

    The smiley shirt very cute, I like it

  6. Princess is looking more and more like you :)


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