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Monday, January 4, 2010

Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

I was invited for the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day!!  I post in my FB, and I know a few bloggers will be there too!!  Hurray!!  Since this was a bloggers’ event, I am sure the whole lot there are wonderful bloggers!

The event suppose to start at 10am, and was held at Kizsports & Gym, 1 Utama (Old Wing), and I took Breanna arrived at 10.15am.  When we arrived, we first bump into Mummy Moon, and the queue was already getting long.  Lots of bloggers there taking photos with their canggih canggih camera…

We were welcomed with a big signboard in the entrance of the venue:-

DSCN5968The programme rundown was good, compact and informative.. of course not forgetting it’s FUN!!  Throughout the whole event, the best word to describe is the FUN part…

The emcee for the event was…


The event started approximately at 11am, with all the guest, parents, children, all invited to the playland for an opening.  The opening speeches were from:-

The Country Manager of Nuffnang Malaysia and also the Product Manager of Dutch & Lady Malaysia.  It was a short welcoming speech, which I think they both understand how ‘anxious’ we parents are to get into action… :D

After the speeches, children were divided into groups of age below 3 and above 3.  The organiser is very considerate to separate the children, and put them into different rooms.  Also, in the gym room under 3 years old, only 20 kids were allowed, and each session was for 20 minutes.  Princess did not enter the room, and she was with me all the time.

The parents were invited into another room for the nutritionist talk and parenting talk.  Both talks were conducted by Ms Lee and Ms Ruth Liew.

I have the opportunity to take photo with Ruth after the talks.

DSCN5992 DSCN5991

After the talk, it’s lunch time.. By right, the children will be in a dining room which they served bread, pasta, pack of fruit juice and etc but Princess was with mummy all the time, therefore we didn’t enter the room.  We had our lunch at the main area for the parents.  I also don’t have the chance getting near the buffet line, as Merryn was nice enough to get her Darling taking food for us.  At lunch, we were seated together with Voon and Merryn, of course not forgetting our children of loves, Vanessa, Ethan and Princess…

DSCN5993 Can you recognise them?

After lunch, there was a magic show at 1pm, and all the attendees were gather again at the playland.  At this time, I took Princess to have some ride and did up a sand art.  YES, they have free sand art to play.. of course, this year the one playing is me and not Princess la.. it’s actually very tiring having princess with me, squatting up and down to fill the sand into the ART! So, I am not going to post the ‘ugly’ piece of work coz towards the end, I just gave up, and fill whatever there was near me..

We also did not watch the magic show, as we were busy playing in the playland since there was not many people there, and Princess got a chance to play in the smaller ball pool.. But my girl is just too timid to enjoy the game!

DSCN6001 The grand prize… won by mombloggersplanet

The time to announce the winner for the best pre-event post, and it was here.  Congratulation to Lil’ Mama on the winning!

One thing I noticed, most of the kids were tired out by the end of the event, and no matter how tired princess was, she just refuse to sleep!!!  She just keep her eyes open, and knock out when we were in the car upon reaching the exit of the car park!!

Now, beside Merryn and Mummy Moon, I also have the change to meet… let the drumroll….

DSCN5994  Chinnee and her 3 precious!!  QiQi and TWINS!DSCN5985Mummy Ling… 


This is Alicia, the Product Manager of Friso Gold.. and she is my Secondary Schoolmate!!!  We met after many years….

I was also had the chance to be featured (photo taken) in the Nuffnang Fan Page in Facebook.

image image image Can you spot me? (The above photos are taken from the fan page and Nuffnang website)

Overall, we really had FUN over the event, and we check out at approximately 2.30pm, headed home.. and Princess?  sleep through the journey home, and even got home, I just carry her car seat into the house while she still sleeping!  That’s how tired was she… muahhaha….

To all the bloggers who won the Toy R Us vouchers.. congratulation to you too!!! 

Before we leave the venue, at the exit, we were given a goodie bag which contains some notepad, a tin of Friso Gold 3, pen, magazine holder..

10 months old (17 Dec to 16 Jan)1 Till next year… we hope we can meet again.. :D

And before I sign off this post, I want to show you how good is the ‘stickers’ given to us on that day, and now it’s being utilise in this way..

DSCN6045 It’s now being used in our room door! muhahaha.. isn’t it useful?


  1. Seems like a very fun event!! Princess is behaving very well I can see and let mommy having fun playing sand art ;P Her hair has grown longer and she looks pretty with longer hair :)

  2. Fun activity....for kids n parents.

  3. It has been nice meeting you and Princess.

    She is such an adorable and good gal.

  4. wow..so fun.. yes, read in merryn's and one mummy's blog.. really a good outing for all of u young mummies..

  5. i'm still wondering if Ruth Liew is married or not..or have kids or not..

  6. Rachel, Ruth Liew has two teenage girls and from what she said, she has a hubs too! :D

  7. Nice meeting you again Cynthia! :P

  8. Hey Cynthia, BREANNA is looking so adorable.Everyone seems to love her.
    You are such a great mother.

  9. Hey hey, I saw you and your little Princess with Mummy Moon! :-)


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