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Sunday, January 3, 2010

So many to blogs… and will do one by one..

I have not been able to blog seriously of what happen over last year (sounded so long hoh) and now with the ‘revive’ of my internet connection at home, I am going to blog blog and blog…

Let’s start with my Christmas…

Nothing much of the eve’s celebration, as I don’t have any plan, and just stay home to some quiet nights with my Princess.  However, being a day of celebration, surely food will not be amiss. I still do some food for my family, as my brother is craving for popiah and he will be leaving for NZ on the 28th December 2009.

Let me present you the popiah ingredients ah…

DSCN5858 carrot, cucumber, prawn crumbs, french beans, and taufu cubes

DSCN5864 The popiah skin

DSCN5863 The braise turnip (main important ingredient)

DSCN5861 taugeh

DSCN5860 Lettuce


Fried egg and lap cheong

Didn’t take photo of the finish food, as everyone so ‘hungry’ that we just roll and wallop it!  of course, with the amount of ‘liew’ we have, the popiah roll is ‘double’ the size of what we get outside… hehhee..

on top of that, I bought some green tea powder recently, and wanted to try it out.  I try doing a chocolate green tea cake, and this time, I think I got it right… :D

DSCN5857 DSCN5855This green tea powder is nice, as it gives a very strong taste to the cake, and my family members like it a lot.  I myself been using this to bake lots more of other type of bread and cakes…

On top of all the food, on the Christmas day was also a day that a huge ‘argument’ burst between me and my mum.  She was not happy that I ‘acknowledge’ that I am not married, and having people asking her ‘how is the child going to grow in future’?  These aunties in the market got to know it, and start spreading like fire!!

I don’t understand why these 8 gong 8 po whether they have a problem with my child not having a 'father’ figure, and do that bothers them? do that make them eat a meal lesser or loose a pound of two (or maybe it happen, they have to thank me)? 

Anyway, I can’t really bother now, but it’s very ‘fan’ when my mum keep telling me the same old story!  Let me pre-warn all my readers here, if you are one of the 8 gong 8 po that come over to my blog and kaypo, I suggest you to read and keep your mouth shut!

You want to know how me and Princess survive the journey, stay tune here, and you got all the answer you want… and don’t bother to go around asking my mum and create unnecessary ‘havoc’ in my house for no reason.  If I heard your name being mentioned again by my mum, I will not hesitate to tell you right in front of your face (at least I seek clarification) of what you told my mum!

Or if you ‘tai em ko ngan’ and can’t help to kay po, I always welcome you to come help me take care of Princess and I can go out and earn money and work!  If you are not lending me a hand, stay away from giving your comments and upset everyone in my house.

Enough of the rant, there will be more posts coming up on some fun celebrations I had over the last week.. :D


  1. i respect u. u are such a strong person.

  2. WAH...who "step" on yr back huh? Anyway that was xmas..now is the new yr..new start. we must move on *easier said than done*.. but if we have started to plan our journey, our plans, our goals...we will definitely reach there...

    i like popiah!!!!!!!

  3. Next time, dun go to the market :) You know lah Cynthia, market place..sigh.. ppl gossip there.. so very the 8 one....

    nvm.. looking forward to your happy post :D

  4. Happy New Year, Cynthia and Princess! So sorry to hear about your unhappy Christmas day. Just learn to practice "one ear in, one ear out" lor.. Take it easy ok :-)

  5. Cham la cham la cham la...wrong timing to visit your blog...midnight jor..now after seeing those delicious popiah liu i very hungry jor....sob sob sob

  6. Wah... the liu so much...confirm saliva-drooling kind of popiah lor...

    I never tell anyone about my story also got people know my story you know... The other day, someone whom I've not met for so long tell me back my story...geng or not? Just continue your attitude lor... Ask them back if they want to help take care of Princess while you go out and work or not lor... I am also gonna use this method from now on...heehee...


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